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The Future of Cars in 2018

The Future of Cars in 2018

Technology in the automotive industry is probably one of its most fast-changing aspects. From self-driving cars to self-inflating tires, the industry is moving faster than most people realize. Here are some of the astounding ways that vehicles are progressing in 2018:

Tires that Monitor Their Own Wear and Tear

Pirelli is launching a tire that goes further than the traditional TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). Their new system will have a monitor embedded directly in the tire that will monitor its pressure, temperature, and load. The sensor will also have a data system that will connect to the driver’s Bluetooth system to automatically alert the driver if the tires need replacing or are overloaded. The data they collect will even help engineers adjust vehicle’s braking, suspension, and stability controls. Checking your tire pressure with a handheld gauge will soon be a thing of the past.

Glasses to Prevent Car Sickness

Do your kids suffer from car sickness? Well, Citroën is developing a pair of glasses that will alleviate it. The glasses contain a fluid that harmonizes the triggers to your brain that cause motion sickness. These motion sickness glasses can be worn over prescription lenses and were deemed to be 95% effective. The glasses may not be the most stylish but if they will prevent a smelly situation on your next road trip, we think they’re well worth the investment.

The Plant-Based Vehicle

Plant-based diets are a growing trend but did you know that plant-based materials are too – for cars nonetheless? Ford is trying to replace petroleum-based materials with plant-based materials in their car manufacturing. They now use over 300 parts that are made from plant-based materials such as soybeans, cotton, and natural rubber. We can only imagine what’s next – an edible car?

Goodbye Touchscreens

Touchscreens are so 2010. Automakers are now looking at incorporating holographic screens and voice systems. Automakers are starting to incorporate systems like Alexa to automatically move your windows up and down, lock your doors, and set your cruise control systems. This is great news for couch potatoes because they’ll never have to move a figure while on their commute to work.

At Integra Tire we always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies so you can be sure that your vehicle will be well-taken care of when you come in for your next appointment.