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Agricultural Tires and Service

AGpicAgricultural Tires

Integra Tire offers tires for all farm and ranch applications designed to deliver the best value and performance.

Considerations we can assist you with include the following:

Selecting the best tire for your application – This could be the same tire size that you currently have on the machine or an optional size to meet the specific conditions on your farm. For example, this might be a tire that will handle a heavier load or increased resistance to stubble damage.

Deliver more horsepower to the ground – As farm equipment gets more powerful, larger tires are needed to efficiently transfer that power to the ground. Undersized tires can result in poor traction, reduced fuel economy, and an increased compaction.

Maximize tire life – Maintaining recommended air pressure outlined by the tire manufacturers’ recommendations allows the tire to perform as it was designed, promoting maximum casing and tread life.

Reduce soil compaction – IF (increased flexion) or VF (very high flexion) tires offer a larger footprint, spreading the machine weight to help reduce soil compaction that can damage roots and reduce yield potential. Higher flexion tires also provide a more comfortable ride during those long hours in the field.

With access to a broad assortment of brands from Michelin, Mitas, Cultor, Titan, Westlake, and Samson your Integra dealer is happy to provide recommendations in selecting the right tires for your machine.