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Medium Truck Service

Integra Tire recognizes that your overall goal is to obtain the maximum value in tread life and serviceability from your tire investment. We work with you to help identify the optimal tire choice and service programs. Our trained sales staff and service technicians can customize a tire maintenance and cost-reduction package for you.

We will work with you to ensure maximum uptime and lower operating costs by customizing a tire maintenance and cost-reduction program that will best benefit your operation – large or small, local, or regional.

We have the expertise and capabilities to provide the best mix of tires, services, and solutions for your fleet.

Tire Mounting and Balancing

We can provide tire mounting and balancing for your new and retreaded truck tires.

Scheduled Maintenance

Integra Tire will regularly inspect your trucking fleet for upcoming tire service needs. These scheduled inspections are customizable to your needs and provide information on tire condition and service forecasting.

On-Site Services

With our fleet of fully equipped mobile service trucks, we can come to your site to ensure you have everything you need to keep your business running, including on-site repair and replacement.

Pick Up and Delivery

We have over 45 locations across Western Canada to support your trucking business with on-site delivery fleet tire inspections.

Air Pressure Management Programs

Tire experts agree that a primary cause of premature tire failure and poor tread life is under inflation. Not only does under inflation cause excessive heat build-up in the tire creating dangerous driving conditions, it also shortens tire life by rapidly increasing tread wear. The detection and prevention of under inflation can also help to reduce occurrences of accelerated tread wear, zipper ruptures, and separation where the tire components come apart.

Our skilled Integra Tire professionals can help manage your fleet’s air pressure.

Performance Tracking

Tracking and comparing your tires’ operating cost per kilometer is critical in maximizing the efficiency of your fleet. Tires are a major cost driver of your fleet, so this gives you the largest command on cost control.

We can provide a single page summary report showing cost per kilometer among various treads. This will help in determining the best tire and tread design for each application and, in turn, demonstrate potential cost savings.

Commercial Fleet Scrap Tire Analysis

With tires being a major operational expense and having such a large impact on the bottom line, scrap tires should not be overlooked. These can tell you a lot about what is occurring in your operation and this can potentially save you a lot of money. Every tire that is permanently removed from service should be inspected and the cause for removal noted.

We use our Scrap Tire Analysis to review all tires removed from service. Our objective is to collect relevant data that can identify trends that can guide you in making choices that have a positive tire cost effect by possibly eliminating many of the causes for removal.

To book an onsite survey and analysis, call your local Integra Tire dealer.

Mounted Wheel Program

A customized inventory of pre-mounted and balanced truck tires at your facility will ensure that you have what you need when you need it.

Casing Buy Back Program

Integra Tire can create a program to re-purchase worn casings at a contracted price. See your local Integra Tire for more program details.