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Engine Repair and Diagnostics Oakville

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Sometimes it’s an engine change light and sometimes it’s just an unfamiliar noise coming from under the hood – in either case, engine problems can be extremely troublesome. Determining the cause of the problem through various diagnostic tests will help your technician determine the problem, give the best advice, and prepare a quote for the service.

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Engine Repair and Maintenance Oakville

Engine Problems in Oakville

To put it simply, your engine is responsible for making your vehicle go. But to put it realistically: your engine is arguably the most complicated and precise system in your vehicle! The smallest problems with the smallest components can cause problems that can decrease efficiency, wear components, or impact its ability to operate. Because of its complexity, it is best to have your engine problems diagnosed by an experienced technician.

Check Engine Light

A check engine light can indicate a number of problems, some simple and some more complicated. In fact, a check engine light could be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap! To be safe, it is best to have an experience technician investigate. Ignoring a check engine light can make the damage much more expensive in the long run.

How we can help diagnose in Oakville

There are a number of tools we'll use to diagnose your engine problems. Our technicians will likely test drive your vehicle and look for abnormalities in engine performance. Our technicians can also use special devices to listen to your engine in various areas, looking for abnormal noises or grinding. And last but not least, our technicians can hook your vehicle up to a scan tool. Most vehicle computers output codes when something is wrong in the engine, and these codes tell our technicians what the problem likely is.

The best defense: regular oil changes

The best defense against engine problems is regular oil and filter changes. Oil acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts of your engine, but over time, oil becomes dirty and loses its lubricating properties. This is what causes your engine to prematurely wear and its components to fail.

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