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Extended Protection Plan

Everything rides on your tires, which is why it’s so important that they never let you down. At Integra Tire, we give our customers the option of purchasing an Extended Protection Plan for your new tires, which guarantees your investment for the life of your tire until 4/32” of remaining tread depth or until you sell your vehicle – whichever happens first.

How it works.

If your new tires become un-serviceable due to damage (punctures, cuts or impact breaks) caused by foreign materials on the road surface it will be replaced under the Extended Protection Plan with the same or similar tire of new condition based on the percentage of original, usable tread that has been worn.



Original cost of tire:  $135

Percent worn: 15%

Your cost to replace: $20.25  *


The cost of the extended protection plan varies based on the tire you are purchasing and location you are visiting, but typically ranges from $7 (basic passenger tires) to $15 (high performance/light truck) per tire.

* A small processing charge may apply when redeeming your warranty.


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