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New Car Technology in 2018

New Car Technology in 2018

The New Year is all about out with the old and in with the new. Car technology has already come a long way over the years. Now much of the new ground-breaking technology is becoming mandatory features in vehicles. For example, features like automatic emergency braking, lane change controls, lane departure alarms, forward collision warning, blind-spot alarms, rear traffic alerts, and fatigue alarms could become mandatory in all new vehicles to help maximize safety for drivers. Furthermore, autonomous driving continues to become closer and closer to becoming a reality, which could continue the wave of new car technology. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) revealed a lot of many new inventions but with all the new car technology coming out, we have to wonder what will be next.

Well, we think we have stumbled across it – new car technology that can read your mind. Well, read your brainwaves anyways. The technology transmits your brain waves to the vehicle’s brake, steering, and acceleration systems to help the car respond as your brainwaves tell it to. This means it will allow for semi-autonomous driving so as your brain transmits the waves to tell your body to swerve or brake suddenly, the car will receive this information and do it for you before your body has a chance to react. This new technology could make huge strides for vehicle safety.

As we do like to stay on top of the latest in car safety technology, the best way to stay safe while driving is to keep up-to-date with your regular car maintenance at your local Integra Tire. We can check your fluid levels, inspect your brakes, check your lights, and inspect your electrical systems. View our store list to find a location near you.