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At Integra Tire Auto Centre, we want to ensure your vehicle lives a long and healthy life with minimum costs to you.

Our locations can help you with any automotive service from inspecting brakes to suspension to engine - you name it! We will even supply you with regular feedback on the health of your vehicle service. We have the best trained techs in the business and they're dedicated to providing service with integrity every visit!

Oil and Lubrication Services

Regular oil changes could possibly be one of the most important factors in keeping your vehicle’s engine running properly. They help to keep your car riding smoothly and quietly, they increase gas mileage, and they help to prevent engine failure. Oil changes should be done at your local Integra Tire about 5,000km or more frequently if you are constantly driving in stop and go traffic.

Wheel Alignments

If you find that your car doesn’t drive straight when you let go of the steering wheel, you may be in need of a wheel alignment. A proper wheel alignment can help you save money on fuel, prevent the need for new tires, and keep you safe on the road. A wheel alignment is a quick procedure that should be done every 10,000km at your neighborhood Integra Tire.

Shocks, Struts, and Suspension

Your suspensions job is to keep your ride smooth. If you notice that your vehicle rolls or sways on turns, makes excessive noise, dives when braking, squats when accelerating, bounces on rough roads, or “bottoms out” on bumps, you may need new shocks and/or struts. Replacing your shocks and/or struts can help to improve the longevity of your tires. Shocks and struts may need replacing after 80,000km, but have an Integra Tire mechanic inspect them before having them replaced.


A simple brake inspection is the easiest way to keep you (and your family) safe while driving. If you notice that your brakes are squealing, pulsing, or pulling, you should visit your local Integra Tire dealer for an inspection. You should also have your brakes checked if your “BRAKE”, “ABS” or “ANTILOCK” warning lights turn on. Brake Inspections should be done every 25,000km.


Your vehicle’s transmission allows your vehicle to change gears, causing it to move. If you notice your vehicle jumping gears or shifts unsmoothly, bring it in for an inspection. Also note that Vehicles should have their transmission fluids changed every 45,000 to 50,000km or per your owner’s manual; this ensures that your transmission stays in proper working condition and prevents a costly transmission failure.


One of your vehicle’s most important filters is the oil filter. Oil filters help protect the engine’s oil from dirt, metal filings, and sludge. Your vehicle’s oil filter should be changed every 5,000km or at the time or your regularly scheduled oil change. Vehicles also contain an air filter. Air filters also help protect the engine by keeping out dirt and debris. Your air filter should be changed about every 45,000km or per your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Belts And Hoses

Belts are a vital part of your vehicle. They keep the water pump, alternator, power steering and air-conditioning compressor working properly.

Hoses act as a connector to ensure that your engine, radiator, and heating block are functioning; over time hoses can become brittle and begin to crack and leak.

Cooling System

Your vehicles cooling system keeps your engine running at its peak performance temperature. A malfunctioning cooling system could cause your engine to overheat and fail. You can have your car’s cooling system inspected, and we recommend that it be serviced every 45,000km.

Batteries, Starters, and Electrical

Your vehicles battery and electrical brings it to life. If you notice that your vehicle doesn't start like it used to or stalles, it could mean that your battery or electrical components needs replacing.

Fuel Systems

Your fuel system is made up of several components: fuel injectors, fuel pumps, a fuel tank, and fuel lines. This system pushes the gasoline through your vehicle, allowing it to start and run. A malfunction with any of these components could lead to decreased gas mileage or cause the vehicle to die. A complete cleaning of your fuel system can be completed every 25,000km at your local Integra Tire to ensure that your fuel system continues functioning properly.

Air Conditioning

When the summer months roll around, you won’t want to be stuck without your air conditioning. At Integra Tire we can fix your air conditioning system and have you cooled off in no time.

And More!

Your local Integra Tire can fix and diagnose all types of vehicles and all types of issues. Call today.

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