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Tune-Ups Service

All mechanical equipment needs to be maintained to work properly – this includes your vehicle. Visit an Integra Tire Auto Centre today for your vehicle tune-up.

What is a Tune-Up?

A tune-up is not a repair; it is preventative maintenance. In fact, tune-ups are one of the best ways to maintain your vehicle’s original performance, often noticeably boosting engine performance and fuel economy. During a tune-up your technician will likely inspect the following:

  • Battery voltage
  • Power balance
  • Engine Vacuum
  • Scan for fault codes
  • Check ignition timing
  • Other tests – depending on the circumstances, including a visual inspection of hoses, belts, and fluids.


Your technician will also likely replace:

  • Spark plugs (ensuring they are gapped to the correct specs)
  • Rotor/distributor cap, if required
  • Fuel filters, air filters, pcv valve and other parts as needed
  • Check and adjust ignition timing
  • Oxygen sensor


As always – taking great care of your vehicle ensures a long life and safe performance. Integra Tire is proud to be a leading automotive repair and maintenance facility, ready to help with your tune-up needs today.