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What to expect when requesting a quote online?

At Integra Tire, it’s important to us that we give our customers a convenient way to shop tires, view costs, and/or receive quotes. This is why we allow you to search your vehicle size and either view prices online or request a quote, using our shop tires page, however, there’s more to the equation – here are a few important pieces of information when shopping for tires online.

1) We may want to chat more about your driving habits:

We care about selling you the right product for your needs. For this reason, the technician responding to your request may have questions about your driving habits. For example, we may want to find out whether you’re a highway or city driver, how aggressively you drive, or what your long term driving needs are. Based on these questions, we may suggest a different tire than the one you originally requested. Different tires are made of different rubber compounds, tread designs, and features based on driver needs. We are not trying to up-sell you and, in fact, may suggest a tire that is less expensive than your original request. This is also the reason that we prefer to respond by phone.

2) We quote you the real cost:

When we quote you on a set of tires, we’re quoting you the all-in cost without any hidden fees. Many tire companies will quote you the cost of tires without including any installation, eco-fees, warranty, or TPMS in hopes of getting your foot in the door. When you receive a cost from our stores, you can be confident knowing it’s the actual cost you pay.

3) We’re professionals:

At Integra Tire, nothing is more important to us than the experience you receive as a customer. You can ensure that you will be visiting a clean, professional, licensed business. We’ll ensure your new tires are of high-quality and installed properly. And lastly, we’ll ensure you are happy with your purchase going forward.


At Integra Tire, our most important focus is servicing our customers. Request a quote below or contact your nearest store today for more info. We’d love to chat.