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Diesel Engine Repair and Diagnostics

Diesel Engine Repair and Diagnostics

About Diesel Engine Repair and Diagnostics

In a gas engine, air and fuel are compressed by about 10 times inside of a cylinder and ignited with a spark plug to create a small explosion, driving the piston down. This cycle happens over and over and is ultimately what turns the crankshaft. A diesel engine is similar but a bit simpler! A diesel engine compresses air much more - about 15-25 times. When the air becomes this compressed, it gets super hot! Diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder and the heat of the compressed air alone is what causes the explosion. No spark plugs are needed! Diesel fuel is also different than regular gasoline in that it is less refined.

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Troubling Signs

  • Trouble starting your vehicle can be a sign of low compression or faulty glow plugs. Diesel engines are extremely dependent on compression inside the cylinders to start and operate smoothly.
  • Low fuel efficiency can indicate faulty injectors or low compression - you may also notice black smoke from your exhaust.
  • Excessive or irregular engine noise typically indicates problems in your engine.

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