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Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension

About Steering and Suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of several components and is responsible for keeping your vehicle body linked to the road. Components found in your suspension system include: shocks and struts, to control the bounce and ride feel; control arms and links, which anchor the frame to the wheels; ball joints and tie rods are the pivot points for the wheels and connection to the steering wheel.  Its additional components are the steering gear and/or rack and pinion that links your steering wheel to the steering linkage, the hydraulic and/or electric power steering that provides power assistance for the ease of feel steering, and finally, the vehicle’s springs carry the load and holds up the vehicle.

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Why Steering Is Important

There are a number of symptoms related to failing suspension; however, to make it simple, think about what suspension does: keeps the vehicle straight, helps turn the vehicle, controls the ride height and comfort, and absorbs shocks; typically, a faulty suspension component will cause noise, shaking, or discomfort while performing one of these functions. Any clunking or knocking noises while going over bumps and turning, shaking in the steering wheel, pulling to one side, or squeaking and bouncing means it’s time to have your local Integra Tire inspect the component.

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