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Axle and CV Joint Repair

Axle and CV Joint Repair

About Axle and CV Joint Repair

You press the gas in your vehicle, the engine revs, but what makes your wheels turn? In most front-wheel drive vehicles, it is a CV (constant velocity) axle. The CV axle extends from your vehicle's transmission at the inner CV joint and connects to your vehicle's wheel at the outer CV joint. This axle is what physically turns your wheel to go forward or backward as you press the gas. Most vehicles have what is called an "Independent Front Suspension". This means as you travel over bumps or holes in the road, each wheel moves up and down on its own. When this happens, your CV axle travels up and down with it. A CV axle doesn't need to be replaced at any specific interval, only as needed. Often times CV axle issues are not with the axle itself but with the joints on either side. Most vehicles with front-wheel-drive have solid rear beam axles that are responsible for ensuring the back wheels turn as the front wheels accelerate.

In rear-wheel-drive vehicles, your rear axle will be driven by a drive train that transfers power from the engine to your rear wheels. Your front wheels are then only used for turning, braking, and other tasks.

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Troubling Signs

  • Loud noises when your vehicle is moving or when you accelerate - This can be a grinding, clicking, or whining sound and will become higher pitched the faster you go.
  • Clicking noises on one side - Because your axle is attached to your wheel by a CV joint, your joint is constantly turning like a hinge that goes in all directions when your wheels turn. As the joint fails, it will make more noise under stress. This is often caused as seals break, grease leaks out of the joint, and dirt and debris get in.
  • Grease on your tire - The "boot," which seals the end of your axle, can become damaged and break, causing grease to leak out. A CV axle with a torn boot should be repaired almost immediately.

How Do we Diagnose?

Axle/CV Joint issues are often most easily diagnosed by a road test, completed by one of the technicians at Integra Tire Oakville. Many tell-tale signs will present themselves during the road test and can be confirmed physically once your tire assembly is removed. Failed joints will often have "play" or excessive movement that is easily detected by a skilled technician.

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