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Brake Repair and Diagnostics

Brake Repair and Diagnostics In Penticton

About Brake Repair and Diagnostics

Your brakes: they slow down and stop your vehicle at crucial times, whether you’re at a stop sign or need to avoid an accident! Defective brakes will not work effectively in emergency situations, ultimately putting you in danger. If your brake service light illuminates, or you sense that your brakes aren’t doing their job properly, bring your vehicle in immediately to the nearest Integra Tire.

Screeches, Squeals, Grinding, and Pulls

Aside from a brake service light illuminating, one of the easiest ways to know your brakes need servicing is if they make a loud screeching, squealing, grinding, or other noise when you are braking. This is typically an indicator that your brake pads are at the end of their life-cycle but this could mean many other things as well! A pull to one side when braking can also indicate brake service is needed; however, this can be caused by a number of other things. When you are unsure, it is always best to bring your car in to Integra Tire.

Pedal Pressure & Vibrations

Most vehicles use brake fluid systems to transfer pressure from the brake pedal, through the brake line, and ultimately, to the components that slow down your vehicle, whether they are discs or drums. You will need to apply firm pressure on the pedal to brake; however, if you feel you have to apply more pressure than normal (or have in the past), or must exert an uncomfortable amount of pressure for your vehicle to slow down, you may be leaking fluid. If you feel a vibration, which may be accompanied by noise, your brake rotors may be warped. In either case, it is advised to bring your car in immediately to Integra Tire.

Total Brake Failure

If your brake pedal drops to the floor or takes an enormous amount of pressure to apply the brakes, it is not safe to drive. This typically indicates a failed hydraulic component or line and will likely be accompanied by an emergency “BRAKE” light on your dash. Added brake fluid will only leak and could make the problem worse. You should immediately get a tow to your nearest shop.

When you need expert advice, you can count on the team at Integra Tire Penticton to get your vehicle up and running in tip-top shape.

Why Brakes Are Important

While most assume that brakes are responsible for stopping your car, the answer is a bit more complex. The friction of your tires against the road is what slows down and stops your car. The brakes are what’s responsible for stopping the wheels from spinning. It’s the job of the brake pads and brake discs to create the resistance needed to cause this action and each time your vehicle brakes, the discs begin to wear.

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