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Starter Repair and Diagnostics

Starter Repair and Diagnostics In Penticton

About Starter Repair and Diagnostics

When you get in your vehicle and turn the key, you're actually completing a circuit of power from your battery to your starter. The "cranking" noise of your vehicle starting is your starter motor engaging the gears of your engine to "turn it over." Even with a good battery, a failing starter will not engage the engine properly and your vehicle will not start. Your starter is only ever used when starting the vehicle so it theoretically could last the life of your vehicle; however, engaging the starter for too long can cause damage. Typically, general wear and tear on starter circuits and components are what causes it to fail.

When you need expert advice, you can count on the team at Integra Tire Penticton to get your vehicle up and running in tip-top shape.

Troubling Signs

As we mentioned in this article, starters can last the life of your vehicle, especially when used correctly. Starter problems can be difficult to diagnose without an experienced technician performing the inspection, as there are many components involved in making the starter engage. It is also difficult to distinguish between battery problems and starter problems, without troubleshooting properly; however, that being said, the most obvious sign of starter problems are odd grinding or whirring noises when you turn the key and your vehicle "cranks".

You can also troubleshoot by asking the following questions:

1) Is my battery okay? Refer to the battery diagnosis section of this website. If your vehicle has trouble starting or will not start, and you can confirm your battery is not failing, you can logically move to the next piece of the puzzle: the starter.

2) Does my engine run fine when it’s started? The starter engages the engine but once the engine is running, the starter is out of the picture. If your vehicle runs fine once it is started but struggles to start in the first place, this typically points to a bad starter.

How Do we Diagnose?

The technicians at Integra Tire can typically troubleshoot the most obvious causes of your problems and rule them out. We use equipment to test various components and once we find the component causing the problems, we can give you an accurate idea of the work needed to fix it.

Our experts are ready to help!

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