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Tie Rod/Outer Tie Rod Replacement

Tie Rod/Outer Tie Rod Replacement In Penticton

About Tie Rod/Outer Tie Rod Replacement

In most vehicles, when you turn the steering wheel, your vehicle is utilizing a rack and pinion steering system that uses tie rods to move the wheels. Tie rods have both an inner and outer end. When you turn the steering wheel in your vehicle, your tie rod is what is responsible for transmitting force from the steering center link to both push and pull your wheels in the direction you desire. On both ends of your tire rods are ball joints. The inner tie rod end ("inner," meaning closest to the center of your vehicle) is encased in a steering rack boot which contains grease. The outer tie road (attached to the steering knuckle on your wheel) is filled with grease as well and is encapsulated by a smaller rubber boot.

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Why Tie Rods are Critical

It is important to have your tie rods inspected if you are experiencing any problems. The most common cause of issues is a rubber boot on either end cracking, letting out grease, and letting in moisture. As the grease escapes, the metal components inside will be subject to higher friction as well as corrosion from moisture and dirt. If left long enough, one of your tie rod ends can completely separate and you will lose steering control of your vehicle. If you are traveling at high speeds, this can be extremely dangerous!

Troubling Signs

When a tie rod is failing, you will experience an audible rattle, clunk, or knocking noise in the front end and have considerably less control in your steering. Often times, a tie rod may present no symptoms at all - a mechanic will often inspect your tie-rods during regular maintenance and you may be surprised to learn that your tie-rod ends are near failure.

Some other symptoms include:

  • Front end misalignment - When a tie rod is loose, it will cause your wheel to fall out of alignment. Your tie rod is, in fact, responsible for keeping your wheels aligned! You will experience this as a pull in one direction or the other.
  • Uneven tire wear caused by the looseness in a failing tie rod end, making a tire drift to one edge or the other
  • Looseness and shaking in your steering wheel, once again caused by the looseness of a failing tie rod end causing a "sway" in your tire as you travel

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