Tips for Back-to-School Driving

Posted On August 21, 2018
By Integra Tire Canada

Back-to-school season is coming! School supplies, registration fees, new school outfits – are you prepared? Those aren’t the only things to worry about; with back-to-school season, it also means more hazards on the road.
Here are some tips on how to navigate the roads in back-to-school season.

Beware of more pedestrians

Kids will be walking to school for the first time on their own and parents will also be walking their kids to school; this means increased pedestrian traffic this time of year so make sure to slow down. People could cross the street from behind a parked car so it’s important to slow down on busy streets. Furthermore, be aware of pedestrian crossing signs, crossing guards, and j-walkers. Never stop on a crosswalk as this could limit the view of the pedestrian to other vehicles or cause them to block oncoming traffic. Finally, never pass a car that is stopped for a pedestrian.

Watch out for busses

Bus traffic will increase immensely this time of year so be aware at all times. If the stop sign is out on the bus or its red lights are flashing, ensure that you stop and wait for any children to cross the street and stay at least 20 meters away from the bus. Also be sure not to pass on the right-hand side of a city bus and always give the bus the right-of-way.

Be mindful in parking lots

If you are picking your child up from school or dropping them off, ensure that you know the pickup and drop-off rules at the school. Whenever you are backing up in a parking lot, ensure that you shoulder check numerous times as a child could be in your path at any moment. Finally, slowdown in parking lots to ensure the safety of all the pedestrians around you.

Watch your speed

Finally, be aware of school zone speeds. In some areas, school zones and playground zones have a 30 kilometer speed limit from sunrise to sunset so ensure that you know the laws in your area to avoid speeding tickets.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have safe back to school season and remember that your friends at Integra Tire are always here to help with any of your tire or automotive repair needs!

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