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What is the Difference between an All-Season Tire, a Winter Tire, and an All-Weather Tire?

What is the Difference between an All-Season Tire, a Winter Tire, and an All-Weather Tire? Tire lingo can be confusing. You may be asking, “If it’s an all-season tire, can it be used in the winter? If it’s a winter tire, can it only be used in the winter? What does all-weather mean?” Well, that’s what we are here for – to answer all of your tire questions. We’re going to explain what each type of tire is so that you can make an informed buying decision. All-Season Tire An all-season tire is meant to be used in any temperature above 7°C; that means that it performs best in warm climates – the spring, summer, and fall. The rubber that an all-season tire is made with is designed to extract water and provide traction whenever the temperature is above 7°C. If an all-season tire is used when the temperature drops below 7°C, then the tire will become stiff and will not grip the road or evacuate ice and snow, leading to an increased risk of sliding. Winter Tire A winter tire is meant to be used in any temperature below 7°C; that means it performs best in the winter months. The rubber that a winter tire is made with is soft and will stay soft in cold temperatures; this means that the tire will grip the road and evacuate snow and ice in any temperature below 7°C. Since winter tires have soft rubber, the tire tread will wear down quickly if you drive on them through the summer. All-Weather Tire An all-weather tire tries to combine the best of both of the properties of a winter and all-season tire. It’s made with softer rubber... read more

End of Summer Car Maintenance

End of Summer Car Maintenance We all know it’s coming – the end of summer. Back to school items are on the store shelves and back to school commercials are on TV – it’s everywhere. The end of summer is a good indicator to get some of your car maintenance done before the “S” word hits – snow. Here are a few car maintenance items to get completed before summer is over. Read your owner’s manual to find out about your maintenance schedules. Each car varies on the amount of times per year that you need to get an oil change, have your tires rotated, get your brakes inspected, replace your windshield wipers, etc. Skim through your owner’s manual and put in your calendar when each maintenance item needs to be completed. Check your tires. Before your tires get corroded with snow and grim, check them over to make sure that they look properly inflated and free of debris. Next, pull out your tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure to ensure that the reading matches the one recommended in your owner’s manual. Have your battery tested. It’s best to check our battery now before it’s too late. Check its voltage or bring it in to your local Integra Tire Auto Centre and we can check to make sure it will last you a long time. Turn on your cooling system and heating system to ensure that they are working properly. With fall around the corner, you never know when you’ll be needing to turn on the heat so make sure that it works. Now is a good time to get your A/C... read more

How to Change a Tire

How to Change a Tire You never know when you will need to change a tire. You could be driving down the highway with your family, on your way to the lake, and a nail punctures your tire. That’s it; you can’t drive any further because your tire is completely flat. Now what do you do? If it’s impossible for a tow truck to get to you right away or to have someone bring you a spare tire, you’ll want to know how to change it yourself. Here are the steps to changing a flat tire: Find a safe location to stop. It is best to find a location where the ground is level. It is also important that you are visible to any other vehicles around you; therefore, be sure that you have not stopped around a curve. Turn on your hazard lights so surrounding vehicles know why you have stopped. Pull your parking brake to ensure that your vehicle will not roll away. Loosen your lug nuts using a lug wrench but do not fully remove them. If you have a hub cap on your wheel, remove it. Place a jack under your vehicle to raise it up. Fully remove your lug nuts. Remove the flat tire. Mount the spare tire onto the lug bolts. Put the lug nuts on and tighten them by hand. Lower the vehicle by using the jack. Replace the hubcap and tighten your lug nuts with the lug wrench. Check the pressure in your spare tire to ensure that it’s at the proper level. You can check your side door sticker to see the PSI (pounds per... read more

Car Events Around the World

Car Events Around the World At Integra Tire, cars are our passion. Knowing that the work we do on your car brings safety to your family is why we come into work every day. We also love to know everything we can about cars – that includes the fun stuff. So we thought we’d share some of our favourite car events from around the world that help us to build car knowledge and ignite our car passion! Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance, Monterey, California If you love vintage cars, then you’ll want to be in Monterey, California from August 15 – 20, 2017. The week is packed with events that include an auction, a car parade, a road race, a retro auto exhibition and a classic car show. These vintage cars that strut the roads of these events are unlike any that you’ve ever seen. They are some of the most prized antique cars in all of North America. Visitors can even skip the paid events and just tour Monterey to see the owners driving around town. DeLorean Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada The DeLorean is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cars around; this is why Vegas dedicates an entire expo to the Back to the Future icon. Visit Vegas from September 7 – 10, 2017 at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino to see the world’s collection of DeLoreans and hear from the keynote speaker, Micheal Scheffe, who was the construction coordinator on the Back to the Future film franchise. SEMA Show, Las Vegas, Nevada SEMA is the icon of auto show exhibitions. Automakers and car enthusiasts from around the world will take over... read more

The Great Integra Road Trip

The Great Integra Road Trip Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. Canada has some of the most beautiful sights and awesome weather in the summer so we decided to take you on a Cross-Canada road trip to visit some of our locations. We’ll be making one stop in each province, so follow us on Twitter to see where we are each week. Week 1 we’ll be heading to the Yukon to visit our location in Whitehorse! Whitehorse is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights but it also has many other great sights to see. For somewhere to stay in Whitehorse, try the Coast High Country Inn. It’s located just off Main Street so you can get a good night sleep while still being within walking distance of Main Street. For some great BBQ in Whitehorse, visit Klondike Rib and Salmon to get a real taste of Canada’s North. We hear that their fish and chips is a must-try! For some rest and relaxation, visit the Takhini Hot Pools. In the early 1940s the first pool was built here by Mr. Bill Rowland for the American Army to use during the war. Now everyone is welcome to experience the 47°C pool. Week 2 we’ll be heading to our location in Oakville, ON.  Oakville is located in between Toronto and Hamilton so you can get a feel for the small town life. For a place to spend the night, try the Country Inn and Suites by Carlson. Located right near Oakville’s Entertainment District, you’ll be sure to see all the main sights. For some exceptional Italian... read more