3 Sparkling Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Car

Shine bright, drive right: The secrets to a clean car that boosts performance and resale value
Posted On February 3, 2023
By Integra Tire Canada

We all love the look and feel of a clean car.

But let’s get real.

Sometimes, (not mentioning any names) —you forget you drove through that little tar patch on the highway. You know you have a good coating of salt on the car left from winter. We know you didn’t mean to run over the roadkill on the highway, but you still have feathers under the grill. And mud? Cough. What mud?

Your car is like your dog or kids.  They all look (and smell) much better after a bath. Your car loves a regular cleaning!

Not only does a clean car look fantastic, but it also helps boost your vehicle’s performance and its resale value.

At Integra Tire, we’re all about helping you keep your car running smoothly and looking sharp.

Sparkling Reason #1: Prevent Rust, Corrosion and A Repair Bill

Rust and corrosion love a dirty car.  And it doesn’t take long for them to take over.

Rust is caused by the combination of oxygen and moisture, and it can form on any metal surface, including your car’s body, frame, and undercarriage.

Remember. Salt is your enemy.

To prevent rust, it’s important to wash your car regularly, especially during the winter months when salt is often used on the roads to melt snow and ice. Salt accelerates the rusting process, so it’s especially important to wash your car after driving on salted roads.

If you find any rust on your car? Deal with it quickly. A small rust spot is easily professionally sanded down and painted over, but if left untreated, it quickly spreads and causes more damage.

To keep your car in good condition and prevent rust and corrosion, make sure to wash it regularly, especially during the winter months.

Sparkling Reason #2: Improved Performance

Who knew washing your car also helps its performance?

When a vehicle is dirty —debris and grime accumulate in various parts of the car, such as the wheel wells and suspension system.

Dirt and grime also like to get into the suspension system. Not good! They can cause the components to wear out more quickly, leading to costly repairs. And who needs that?

Even a dirty air filter decreases the engine’s performance by reducing the amount of air that gets into the engine.  Your engine has to work harder, which is tough on the engine AND it sucks back more fuel.

Wash. Your. Car.

Sparkling Reason #3: Boost Resale Value

Imagine you’re buying a vehicle.  Are you impressed by the car with dirt-sideburns and fast-food bags thrown in the backseat? The dusty dash? A windshield full of cracks? Dog nose smears and finger prints on the window?

Something emotional happens when we see someone isn’t doing something as basic as keeping their car clean.

We assume they don’t make effort on minor and major repairs either.  We see a dirty car and we think the owners: drive too fast, brake hard, have dirty oil, drive on bald tires, smoke with the windows rolled up and never, ever get regular maintenance.

Regular car cleaning helps boost the resale value of your vehicle.

We all want to buy the car that looks well-loved.

BONUS! When you sell your sparkling clean car—the odds are high that people will want it. It makes a powerful impression on potential buyers and speeds up the sale.

Bring on the soap!

How to Keep Your Car Clean? Make It A Habit.

Funny how most good things in life come from small habits. Your car needs at least a monthly wash – more often if you’ve been through some mud/tar/dust/salt conditions.

And try to get into the habit of giving it a quick wash and vacuum every week.

Also make sure to protect your car’s paint with a coat of wax or sealant. This helps protect the paint from the elements and makes it easier to keep clean.

And the best part of having a clean car?  It just feels so good to drive in one!

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