Are All-Weather Tires a Good Buy?

Posted March 3, 2016

Recently a new category of tire has come into the market, the all-weather tire. This has many of you wondering if you should bother buying winter tires and just stick with the all-weather tire. We’re here to give you some facts on all-weather tires so that you can decide which tires are best for you.

All-weather tires are different from all-season tires because they are labelled with a snowflake symbol, which means that they meet “the snow tire performance standards set by Transport Canada.” In contrast, they are different than winter tires because they are made of a sturdier rubber that won’t wear as quickly in the spring and summer; this being said when temperatures reach extreme colds, the all-weather tire won’t be as pliable as a winter tire; therefore, this means you won’t get the best traction and stopping abilities in extreme cold conditions.

In the end, all-weather tires are excellent for Canadians who live in mild climates, where the temperate hovers around 0°C and never drops much below -10°C. In these conditions, your all-weather tire will give you good traction while keeping your tread from wearing too quickly. For Canadians who live in harsh climates that frequently reach -20°C or below, we still recommend getting winter tires installed when the temperature begins to consistently drop below 7°C because winter tires will give you the best traction in the coldest temperatures, and then when the temperature warms up, we recommend switching to all-season tires so that your winter tires don’t wear out quickly. We want every Canadian to be safe on the road, so come into your local Integra Tire and we can help you find the best tire for your vehicle.

If you do think that All-weather tires are right for you, the new Toyo Tires Celsius All-weather tire uses a winter tread design with an all-weather tread compound to give you the best of both worlds. The Celsius is designed to be positioned between an all-season and winter tire with a tread design that provides better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire.

Stop in to your local Integra Tire location and we’ll tell you more about all-season tires, winter tires, and all-weather tires.

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