Back-to-School – Are You Ready?

Drive cautiously this back-to-school season
Posted August 1, 2023

Are you singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” because back-to-school time is here? Or maybe the songs in your head are something like “Stressed Out” or “Help!” because your to-do list is longer than you can manage?  Regardless of your back-to-school anthem, you can trust that Integra Tire is here to help you with all of your back-to-school driving needs! We’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind while you’re driving around this season.

  1. Be “Wide Awake” – back-to-school season means that traffic will be busier. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially when you are in busy parking lots. When you’re in congested school zones, make sure to watch in between vehicles to verify that no one is going to try to cross the street.
  2. Don’t go “Breaking the Law” – once school is back in session, that means that school zones will be in effect. Every municipality has different times that their school zones are in effect so make sure that you know yours so you don’t get caught with a speeding ticket.
  3. “Walk this Way” through the crosswalk – trying to get where you need to go in a hurry during back-to-school season is never a good idea. Be patient and give the right-of-way to pedestrians at crosswalks. Also be courteous to crossing guards and let them get everyone across the street safely.
  4. Know your school drop-off and pick-up “Rules” – if you drop your kids off or pick them up from school, make sure to find out what your school’s rules are. Some schools design specific drop-off and pick-up rules to keep the flow of traffic going, so don’t be the one who’s holding everyone up. Know where you need to go.
  5. “Teach Your Children” the rules of the road – it’s never too early to teach your kids about road safety. Show them how to look both ways before they cross the street, teach them to only cross at crosswalks, teach them to make eye contact with every driver to ensure that they are seen before they cross the street, and teach them to always walk and not run when they cross the street. When everyone knows the correct rules of the road, the roads will be much safer for everyone.
  6. Watch out for the “Bus Stop” – always give lots of space between you and a stopped school bus. If the stop arm is out or its lights are flashing, make sure to wait to pass it until you know that all the children are off the bus and have gotten safely to the sidewalk. Never pass a bus if you’re unsure why it has stopped.
  7. “Drive My Car” to Integra Tire – the changing of seasons from summer to fall is a good reminder for you to get your fall vehicle maintenance completed. Oil changes and tire rotations are two vehicle maintenance tasks that should be completed seasonally. You should get an oil change once every 5,000km – 10,000km or according to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. You should get your tires rotated once every 10,000km or based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Now that we’ve got you “Thinking Out Loud” about the back-to-school season, we hope that you can get “Ready to Go” out the door safely each morning.

The experts at Integra Tire are always here to “Stand by You” because “You’ve Got a Friend” here who wants to keep you and your family safe every time you’re “On the Road Again.”

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