The Future of Cars in 2018

The Future of Cars in 2018 Technology in the automotive industry is probably one of its most fast-changing aspects. From self-driving cars to self-inflating tires, the industry is moving faster than most people realize. Here are some of the astounding ways that vehicles are progressing in 2018: Tires that Monitor Their Own Wear and Tear Pirelli is launching a tire that goes further than the traditional TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). Their new system will have a monitor embedded directly in the tire that will monitor its pressure, temperature, and load. The sensor will also have a data system that will connect to the driver’s Bluetooth system to automatically alert the driver if the tires need replacing or are overloaded. The data they collect will even help engineers adjust vehicle’s braking, suspension, and stability controls. Checking your tire pressure with a handheld gauge will soon be a thing of the past. Glasses to Prevent Car Sickness Do your kids suffer from car sickness? Well, Citroën is developing a pair of glasses that will alleviate it. The glasses contain a fluid that harmonizes the triggers to your brain that cause motion sickness. These motion sickness glasses can be worn over prescription lenses and were deemed to be 95% effective. The glasses may not be the most stylish but if they will prevent a smelly situation on your next road trip, we think they’re well worth the investment. The Plant-Based Vehicle Plant-based diets are a growing trend but did you know that plant-based materials are too – for cars nonetheless? Ford is trying to replace petroleum-based materials with plant-based materials in their car manufacturing. They now use... read more

How to Drive Defensively

How to Drive Defensively Did you know that August has been deemed the most dangerous driving month? This is due to people driving longer distances, ignoring speed limits, and getting frustrated from traffic congestion. Driving defensively is important all year long but it is especially important in the summer months so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you safely navigate the roads this summer: Stay Alert Stay alert while you’re on the road by ensuring that you’re well rested. Make sure to take regular breaks and never drive when you’re tired. Also avoid distractions in your vehicle by ensuring that your pets are safely stored in a pet cargo system and that your children are secure in their seatbelts or car seats. You can also avoid distractions from your children by giving them a device to keep them entertained. Finally, ensure that your phone is connected to a hands-free system and that your navigation system is pre-set. Staying alert will help you take note of speed limit changes, where other cars are in your proximity, and any hazards on the road. Remember Your Driver’s Training Skills Even though most drivers haven’t taken their driver training courses in many years, it is important to refresh your memory of the recommended driving tips. Remember the three second rule, which means to keep a three second distance from the car in front of you. To do this, find a stagnant object on the side of the road such as a light post. As soon as the car in front of you passes it, count how many seconds it takes you to pass it too. If... read more

Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation

Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation Summer vacation is in full swing so if you want to take your family out for a day trip or a long distance road trip, we’ve compiled a list of things to do across Canada this summer! British Columbia Visit the Butchart Gardens in Victoria and treat yourself to high tea Check out Music in the Park in Kamloops and dance the night away Take a wine tour in Kelowna and make sure to visit Mission Hills Winery Float down the Penticton Channel on an inner tube Visit the Covert Family Farms in Oliver and take a ride on a vintage 1952 Mercury 1 ton Yukon Visit the Yukon Transportation Museum to learn about the making of the Alaska Highway Alberta Celebrate K-Days in Edmonton and take part in the Taste of Edmonton to try a multitude of foods Bring the kids to the Telus Spark science centre in Calgary for a day of hands-on learning Visit Canada’s only border city, Lloydminster, and take a picture of the border markers Go to the Saskatoon Island Provincial Park in Grande Prairie to enjoy the hiking trails Saskatchewan Visit the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo in Saskatoon and check out all the animals Cool off at the Spray Park in Kindersley Visit the Big Muddy Badlands and Outlaw Caves in Coronach to feel like an outlaw Manitoba Visit The Forks in Winnipeg for some spectacular dining and shopping Try the Hywire Zipline Adventures in Manitou for a thrill in the sky Ontario Visit the Gairloch Gardens in Oakville to relax and enjoy the scenery Visit the Benares Historic House in Mississauga to... read more

How to Stay Safe on the Road This Summer

How to Stay Safe on the Road This Summer The summer is here and we know that you all want to get out of town. Even though roads may seem safer in the summer because there is no snow and ice to worry you, summer roads can be dangerous too. Here are a few summer safety tips for the road: Always Buckle Up Although this may seem like a given, some people still fail to buckle up. Using a seatbelt can save your life, even if you are driving slowly. Remember to have your children and pets safely fastened too. Children under 4’9 and less than 70lbs should be in a booster seat and you can purchase a pet cargo or safety belt for all sizes of pets. Don’t Drive Impaired We all know not to drink and drive but in the summer, when you’re more dehydrated, alcohol can affect you more than in the winter. Your blood alcohol concentration cannot exceed .08 without being a criminal offence and each person’s concentration can vary based on their age, weight and tolerance so it’s best to always have a designated driver who hasn’t drank any alcohol. Driving laws for cannabis have also come into place with a zero tolerance policy so make sure to never drive when high. Avoid Distracted Driving Driving while distracted can be as dangerous as driving impaired. You can receive a ticket of up to $300 if you are caught distracted driving; this includes talking on the phone without a hands-free system, texting or emailing, using a GPS or other electronic system, reading a book, doing personal grooming, or writing. It’s never worthwhile to risk... read more

How to Save on Gas this Summer

How to Save on Gas this Summer Summer is almost here, the kids are almost out of school and you’re planning your summer road trip! The one downside to the summer is that gas prices have been skyrocketing! We know that you still want to watch your pocket book while you’re on summer vacation so we’ve compiled some tips to help you save money on gas this summer! Get a Tune-Up Ensuring that all the components of your vehicle are in proper working order will help keep your engine running efficiently and save you on gas. Check Your Tires Ensuring that your tires are at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure will help you decrease rolling resistance and increase your fuel efficiency. Lighten Your Load Pack only the essential items in your vehicle to help decrease your vehicle’s weight. The less your vehicle weighs, the more you’ll save on gas. Use Your Cruise Control Use your cruise control to maintain a constant speed on the highway. Maintaining a constant speed could help you decrease your fuel consumption. Close Your Windows Closing your windows decreases wind resistance. Excess wind makes your engine work harder so decreasing that resistance will be easier on your engine and your wallet. Use the Correct Oil Using the manufacturer’s recommended oil on all of your oil changes will be easier on your engine and help you on your fuel economy. Avoid Idling Your Vehicle It may be hot this summer so you might be tempted to let your vehicle run to cool it off but by doing this you’re wasting gas. Try parking your vehicle in the shade or use a windshield sun shade... read more