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The Importance of Vehicle Inspections

The Importance of Vehicle Inspections Spring is here and the change of seasons is a great reminder to get your vehicle back into shape. The winter weather can be harsh on vehicles – corroding your brakes with salt, misaligning your wiper blades from ice, and draining your battery from the cold. With the wear and tear that winter has on your vehicle, spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Here are some of the things that we can check during your vehicle inspection: Oil Life We can check your oil levels and advise whether you should have your oil changed. We can also inspect for any leaks in your oil lines or reservoir. Tire Wear We can measure your tread depth to determine the longevity of your tires. We can also inspect for any crakes, bulges, or debris in your tires. We can also make sure that your wheels are balanced and aligned. Wiper Blades We can check your wiper blades to ensure that they are in proper working condition. We can also check your windshield to check for cracks or chips. Fluid Levels We can check all your fluid levels to ensure that they are at the proper levels, including your brake fluid, anti-freeze, and windshield washer fluid. Brakes We can inspect your brake system including your brake lines and brake pads to determine their remaining life and advise if any repairs or replacements need to be made on them. Battery We can test your battery to ensure that it has a strong charge and advise if it should be replaced. Timing Belt We can inspect your... read more

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring Spring is a time for renewal and that includes sprucing up your car for the spring season. Winter can be harsh on your vehicle so the spring is the perfect time to service your vehicle. Here is a list of spring maintenance tips: Get an Oil Change You should have your vehicle’s oil changed once every 5,000 – 10,000km. Not changing your oil based on your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule can lead to engine failure. Check Your Tires Your tires have been sitting in your garage for the past 6 months so make sure to inspect them before you bring them into Integra Tire to get them changed over. Check for bulges, cracks, or impacted objects. We will also do a thorough inspection when we install them and check their pressure. We will also advise you if your tire tread is too low and your safety will be impacted. Our tire experts are here to help you find the right all-season tires for your vehicle if any of them need to be replaced. Replace Your Wiper Blades Your wiper blades have battled snow and ice all winter long. At some point in the winter, they could become warped or misaligned because of ice buildup so it is a good idea to replace your wiper blades each spring. Check All of Your Fluids Your vehicle contains more fluids than just your oil. Each spring it is important that you have your brake fluid levels checked, transmission fluid checked, power steering fluid checked, and coolant checked. Don’t forget to continually top up your windshield washer fluid this spring because we all... read more

How to Spend Valentine’s Day with Both of Your Valentines

How to Spend Valentine’s Day with Both of Your Valentines Do you have two loves in your life – your significant other and your car? Would you rather spend Valentine’s Day putting that second coat of wax on your car and shining up its bumper rather than taking your significant other out to a fancy dinner and a romantic movie? We have the answer! Here are some ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with both your loves: Go on a “Memory Lane” Driving Tour Drive your significant other to all the special places in your life. Drive to the place where you had your first date or to the first place you locked eyes. Make a map of all the special destinations that you visit so that you can remember those special places forever. Take a Drive to the Country Side Take your significant other for a drive to the country to gaze at the stars. Pack a Picnic Find a private spot in a parking lot or on a country road where you can park and have a picnic in your vehicle. Make sure to pack some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Go to a Drive-in Movie Drive-ins are making a resurrection into modern day society so try to find one in your area. Take a Ride through an Automatic Car Wash Buy the most expensive car wash and take those 10 minutes to get cozy with your loved one. Visit Your Favourite Drive-Thru Everyone has a spot that they love to pick up a bite to eat. Stop at your favourite fast food spot to order your dinner for the night and then drive... read more

What to know if your ABS warning light comes on

What to know if your ABS warning light comes on Some of you may not be aware that most new vehicles have an ABS (Anti-lock brake system). Anti-lock brakes allow your tires to keep contact with the road and help prevent your wheels from locking up and causing you to skid when you are braking. The ABS uses sensors that determine if your wheels are locking up and sends a signal to reduce the braking power on that wheel. When your ABS kicks in, you will feel a grinding or vibrating sensation so don’t be alarmed when this happens. Keep constant pressure on the brake until your vehicle comes to a stop. With older cars that don’t have ABS, you’ll want to pump your brakes when you are skidding but with ABS, you should never pump your brakes because the ABS automatically pumps the brakes for you. If your ABS warning light ever comes on, you want to bring in your vehicle to your local Integra Tire right away so we can detect the problem for you. If your ABS is not functioning properly, it won’t cause your brakes to work ineffectively, it will just mean that you will have to pump your brakes if you begin to skid. If your ABS is not working, this will also affect your traction and stability control systems so it is still important to get the problem repaired. If your ABS light comes on, it could mean that there is a blown fuse in the system, a sensor is damaged, or a wire is broken or has become disconnected. We will assess your vehicle to determine why your anti-lock brake system light... read more

New Car Technology in 2018

New Car Technology in 2018 The New Year is all about out with the old and in with the new. Car technology has already come a long way over the years. Now much of the new ground-breaking technology is becoming mandatory features in vehicles. For example, features like automatic emergency braking, lane change controls, lane departure alarms, forward collision warning, blind-spot alarms, rear traffic alerts, and fatigue alarms could become mandatory in all new vehicles to help maximize safety for drivers. Furthermore, autonomous driving continues to become closer and closer to becoming a reality, which could continue the wave of new car technology. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) revealed a lot of many new inventions but with all the new car technology coming out, we have to wonder what will be next. Well, we think we have stumbled across it – new car technology that can read your mind. Well, read your brainwaves anyways. The technology transmits your brain waves to the vehicle’s brake, steering, and acceleration systems to help the car respond as your brainwaves tell it to. This means it will allow for semi-autonomous driving so as your brain transmits the waves to tell your body to swerve or brake suddenly, the car will receive this information and do it for you before your body has a chance to react. This new technology could make huge strides for vehicle safety. As we do like to stay on top of the latest in car safety technology, the best way to stay safe while driving is to keep up-to-date with your regular car maintenance at your local Integra Tire. We can check your fluid... read more