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Car Cleaning Tips

Car Cleaning Tips The summer is the perfect time to give your car a top to bottom cleaning. Here are some tips to get your car looking spotless: 1. De-clutter Grab a garbage bag and throw away any garbage from your car. Next, gather any of your winter equipment that’s been taking up space and put it in storage until the snow falls again. 2. Vacuum Take your car to the carwash or use a shop vac to vacuum your floors and seats. Make sure to remove your mats to get all the rocks and crumbs that could be lurking underneath them. If you only have carpeted mats, consider buying plastic mats as these will absorb water and snow to help keep your carpeting looking clean – not to mention they can be wiped down instead of needing to be steam cleaned. Also get in the crevasses of your weather stripping to remove any rocks that have gotten stuck. 3. Dust Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your dashboard and screens. If you have spills in your cup holders, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and clean them out. 4. Clean the inside windows Grab a window cleaner and clean the inside of all your windows. You don’t want to look out the windows and wonder why they look dirty after you’ve cleaned the outside of the car. 5. Clean the exterior Most of us like to take our car to the touchless carwash because it’s easier and faster than cleaning it by hand but sometime touchless carwashes don’t remove built up bugs and leave behind soap... read more

Tips for Towing Your Trailer

Tips for Towing Your Trailer School is out and it’s officially summer vacation time. As Canadians, we know that most of you will be heading to the lake and towing your boat or trailer so here are some tips on towing your recreational vehicles this summer: Know Your Load Capacity The first thing you need to know if the amount of load that your truck can handle. You can find this on the sticker on your side door. You also need to know the load index of your tires to know the amount of weight they can support; this can be found on your tire’s sidewall. If you’re unsure, your Integra Tire expert can help you out. Set it Up Safely Make sure that your load is balanced so that it won’t sway. Use safety chains and make sure that they are crossed under the hitch in an X pattern. Do an inspection of your load. Check the harness connector and cables. Also check the nut under your hitch ball to ensure that it’s tightened. Save On Gas You can save on gas by dumping your water tanks and sewage before you leave and fill up your tanks close to your destination to help lighten your load. Adjust Your Driving Carrying a load on the back of your vehicle requires you to adjust your driving habits. Make sure to give yourself an increased stopping distance in case you need to come to an unexpected stop. If you can anticipate the stop, make sure to still give yourself ample distance. You also need to understand the speed that you and your load can handle. Understand... read more

How to Spend #Canada150 in Your Area

How to Spend #Canada150 in Your Area Every Canadian has been excited for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration since the beginning of the year but now it’s finally upon us! We wanted to share some of the ways that you can spend #Canada150 across Canada: Toronto is celebrating Canada 150 all over the city! You can go to Nathan Phillips Square to see a Vaudeville show in the afternoon. You can visit the Scarborough Civic Centre for fun kids’ activities like face painting. Humber Bay Park West is holding a brass band show. At Mel Lastman Square you can hear the Inuktitut alt-country band, the Jerry Cans, and at all of these locations you can see the fireworks at 11:00pm! Winnipeg is celebrating Canada 150 in true Canadian style with activities like a street hockey tournament, extended patios, and of course – birthday cake! You can also visit the Oak Hammock Marsh for wagon rides, classic Canadian film viewings, and a guided canoe adventure! Regina has a huge list of events for you to celebrate Canada 150 in Saskatchewan’s capital city. You can visit the Wascana Centre for a pancake breakfast, 21 Gun Salute, Metis Fiddlers, the parade of boats, strongman competition, and an old time fair. And don’t forget the fireworks at 11:00pm! You can visit City Square Plaza for a farmer’s market, yoga in the park, and a Downtown Chef Mystery Box Cooking Competition. Edmonton is celebrating Canada 150 in style by revealing a mosaic mural at City Hall. You can also visit City Hall to see the North Stratton Pipe Band, African Drummers, and magician, Brent Cairns. There will also be celebrations taking place... read more

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips School is almost out and you and your family are ready to hit the open road. Whether you’re travelling to the mountains to go hiking, visiting Ottawa for the Canada 150 celebrations or visiting a local farm to buy fresh produce, you want to ensure that your vehicle can get you there safely. Here are some tips for summer vehicle maintenance: Check Your Coolant Summer weather can be hard on your vehicle, especially in high temperatures or clear sunny days where the sun can overheat your vehicle. It’s important to ensure that your coolant levels are optimal. You can look under the hood and you should be able to see if your coolant levels are at the full line. If they aren’t, your coolant may be leaking and you should bring it into your local Integra Tire to have it inspected. Check Your Belts Winter weather may have eroded your belts. First, listen to your vehicle when you start the engine. If you hear a squealing noise, it could be coming from your belt. The belt may just be loose but it could be cracked. Open your hood to take a look at your belts. If the belt appears to be cracked, bring it into your local Integra Tire and we can replace it for you. Check Your Wipers Your wiper blades may have worn out over the long winter so check them to ensure that they don’t leave streaks on your windshield. If they aren’t properly cleaning your windshield, you can easily replace them for little cost. Wiper blades usually will pop off and the new ones can... read more

Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Planning the Perfect Road Trip Since this year is Canada’s 150th birthday celebration, it’s the perfect time to take a summer road trip to your favourite Canadian destination! We want to help you get prepared for your road trip with these tips: Get Your Vehicle Checked Over Few people realize that winter can be hard on your vehicle. Ice and salt can cause damage to your brakes, cold weather can drain your battery, and ice can destroy your windshield wipers. Bring your car into your local Integra Tire Auto Centre so we can inspect your vehicle to be sure that it is in perfect condition for your road trip. Plan Your Route We all know that Canada is known for summer construction so try to plan your route ahead of time so you can avoid these construction zones. No one wants to spend an extra hour of their trip stuck in a construction zone or making an unexpected detour. Planning your route ahead of time can also help you plan your rest stops and this will help you see unusual road side attractions. Canada is home to many of the “World’s Biggest” monuments so Google your route ahead of time to ensure you hit all the fun photo-opt spots! If you’re travelling over the Canada Day long weekend, do some research on events happening along your route so you can see some spectacular Canada Day entertainment! Pack Snacks If you’re travelling as a family, by yourself, or as a couple, everyone will get hungry at some point so keep some healthy snacks in the car to help you refrain from making extra pit stops.... read more