Car Cleaning Tips

Posted On July 12, 2017
By Integra Tire Canada

The summer is the perfect time to give your car a top to bottom cleaning. Here are some tips to get your car looking spotless:

1. De-clutter

Grab a garbage bag and throw away any garbage from your car. Next, gather any of your winter equipment that’s been taking up space and put it in storage until the snow falls again.

2. Vacuum

Take your car to the carwash or use a shop vac to vacuum your floors and seats. Make sure to remove your mats to get all the rocks and crumbs that could be lurking underneath them. If you only have carpeted mats, consider buying plastic mats as these will absorb water and snow to help keep your carpeting looking clean – not to mention they can be wiped down instead of needing to be steam cleaned. Also get in the crevasses of your weather stripping to remove any rocks that have gotten stuck.

3. Dust

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your dashboard and screens. If you have spills in your cup holders, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and clean them out.

4. Clean the inside windows

Grab a window cleaner and clean the inside of all your windows. You don’t want to look out the windows and wonder why they look dirty after you’ve cleaned the outside of the car.

5. Clean the exterior

Most of us like to take our car to the touchless carwash because it’s easier and faster than cleaning it by hand but sometime touchless carwashes don’t remove built up bugs and leave behind soap scum. Take your car to the hand wash and start by giving it a spray to remove any rocks or dust. Use the soap wand scrubber to remove any built up dirt and bugs. When you’re soaping up your car, don’t forget to clean the tires and wheels. Make sure to rinse your car thoroughly to get all the soap off and end with a spotless rinse. You can also buy rubber scrapers that can remove all the excess water on your car to ensure that you leave the car wash will a sparkling clean car.

With these tips, we hope that we’ll see you all driving around with spotless cars!



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