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Axle and CV Repair Sherwood Park, AB

When you step on the gas pedal, your engine revs, and your wheels move, but you may be wondering what actually causes the wheels to move. The answer is your CV axle.

What is a CV Axle?

Your CV Axle is the component of your vehicle that delivers engine power to your wheels. Your vehicle’s engine generates the power, the transmission transmits the power to the wheels, causing the CV axles to spin and move your car forward.

CV (constant velocity) axles are standard in front-wheel drive automobiles. To move forward or backward, you need to press the gas, which rotates this axle. Each wheel may rise and fall independently as you navigate potholes and other road imperfections. As a result, your CV axle will follow the movement of the vehicle's suspension.

Your CV axles contain bearings and rubber boots that will wear over time. These components are lubricated but dirt and debris can contribute to the lubricants’ deterioration, leading them to become brittle and crack. A CV axle should be replaced when needed, rather than at regular intervals and Integra Tire can help you with that!

Signs Your CV Axle is Failing

· Hearing clicking sounds when turning the steering wheel or a noise that gets louder as you accelerate

· Finding grease on the inside of your wheels or tires, which may be lubricant leaking out from a cracked CV boot

· Trying to get your vehicle to move but the wheels won’t turn

How Do We Make a Diagnosis?

We can determine if you require a CV axle repair by performing a driving test. This is the most effective method for diagnosing joint problems.

A driving test will provide several telltale indicators, many of which may be verified physically when we remove your tire assembly.

Failed joints are typically characterised by excessive mobility, or "play," which can be readily observed by a trained eye.

What Can Help My CV Axle Last Longer?

There are certain things that you can do to help keep your CV axle in great shape:

· Avoid driving over rough terrain where rocks and debris can damage your CV axle’s boot

· Avoid driving on salt or sand in the winter, which can erode your CV axle’s components

· Keep your vehicle clean to avoid dirt and grime build up on the axle boots

· Watch for signs of a failing CV and get any issues fixed immediately at Integra Tire

Bring your vehicle into Integra Tire any time you have a concern about your CV axle or any other component on your vehicle. We’re always here to help!

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