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Vehicle Starters Repair and Diagnostics in Ste. Rose Du Lac, MB

Have you ever gotten into your car and tried to turn the key or press the start button and nothing happens? If there is a broken circuit of power between your starter and your engine, your car will not start. You can rely on the staff at Integra Tire in Ste. Rose Du Lac, MB to get your vehicle’s starter working like new.

How Does a Vehicle Starter Work?

When your car starts, the "cranking" sound it makes is the starter motor turning the engine over, which is powered by your vehicle’s battery. A malfunctioning starter will not properly engage the engine, even with a healthy battery, and your car will not start. A starter relay sits between the battery and the starter motor, transmitting power. Without a properly working starter relay and motor, you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

Although your vehicle’s starter might theoretically last the whole life of your car, activating it for an excessive amount of time can harm it. Ordinarily, a starter fails due to wear and tear on the starter circuitry and parts.

Signs of a Failing Starter

Watch for these signs of a failing starter:

· There is an odd sound - when you turn the key or press the start button, there may be a clicking, whirring, or grinding sound, which are signs of a defective starter.

· There are lights but no movement - you may have a problem with the starter if you try to start the vehicle and the dashboard illuminates but nothing happens to the engine.

· Your car won't start – if your car doesn’t start even after attempting a jumpstart, you will need to have your vehicle towed to Integra Tire in Ste. Rose Du Lac, MB as this is likely a problem with your starter.

· Your car is emitting smoke - the starter is a component of your car's electrical system and is vulnerable to short circuits and blown fuses. Your car's starter may overheat if you've been trying to start it for a long time, which increases the likelihood of electrical problems and the accompanying smoke. Call for assistance if you see or smell smoke instead of twisting the key more.

· The starter has absorbed oil - watch out for any oil leaks in your vehicle because this could lead to starter problems, especially if the starter gets soaked in oil. If your vehicle has rear-wheel drive, the starter is often located on the passenger side of the engine, directly below the exhaust manifold. If it is a front-wheel-drive vehicle, look above the transmission on the driver's side or under the exhaust manifold. On some vehicles, they may also be found just beneath the intake manifold.

What Causes Issues with Starters?

A bad starter can result from a number of issues, such as the following:

  • loose connections
  • dirty or rusted starter connections
  • battery deterioration

· elements that are broken or worn out in the starter system

  • oil spills
  • bad fuses or relays

Try these troubleshooting strategies if your vehicle won’t start and you've already attempted to jumpstart it:

1. Check the undercarriage to make sure everything is operating as it should, including the battery and the battery wires. Your car's issues could be coming from the battery rather than the starter, which could be weak, dead, or damaged.

2. With a hard item, try lightly tapping the starter a few times, being careful not to pound it. Since you'll be tapping the electrical components back into contact with one another, in certain situations, this gentle tapping can assist in helping it power back up.

3. Try starting the vehicle in "neutral.” If the automobile starts in "neutral," a mechanical issue, such as a broken neutral safety switch, may be keeping it from starting in "park."

4. Although it may sound obvious, verify that your gas tank is not empty.

Bring your vehicle to Integra Tire in Ste. Rose Du Lac, MB when you think you have a starter issue. If your starter is broken, our skilled mechanics can fix your car promptly.

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