What to Do if You Encounter an Animal on the Road

Posted May 15, 2018

The summer season is nearing and soon the kids will be out of school and you’ll all be hitting the road for a family road trip. The summer season not only means that more people will be on the roads but it means that more animals will be on the road as well. We want to make sure that you and your family stay safe this summer so we’ve compiled some tips on what to do if you encounter an animal on the road:

Stay alert
While you’re driving watch for animal crossing signs. If you’re entering an animal crossing area, stay more alert, especially at night. It’s a good idea to have a passenger watch the ditch for animals and at night, keep watch for glowing eyes. Remember that a moose’s eyes will not glow so be cautious of any movement you might see.

Don’t panic
If you do come across an animal, don’t panic. Stay in your lane and remain calm. The animal may see you and stay in the ditch or go back into the woods.

Slow down
If the animal is crossing the road, slow down immediately. Quickly check your rearview mirror and if no one is behind you, you can brake harder. Be careful not to brake too quickly or you could skid your tires or flip your vehicle.

Check your surroundings before you swerve
If you’re able to brake, stay in your lane and don’t swerve. If you do need to swerve, move towards the edge of the road where the animal came from, making the animal instinctively move across the road faster. Animals will always continue on their path so drive towards the area that the animal has already been.

If worse comes to worse, brace for impact
Don’t harm yourself to save the animal. If your only options is to hit the animal, slow down as much as you can and brace for the impact. If it’s a large animal, crouch down under your steering wheel in case the animal comes through the windshield.

Pull to the side of the road safely
If you do hit the animal, pull over to the edge of the road safely. Turn on your hazard lights so other drivers are aware of you. Use reflective pylons around the scene, if you have them in your vehicle safety kit.

Contact animal control
Call animal control to tell them about the animal and stay inside your vehicle. Don’t try to approach the animal in case it is still alive and in shock.

Pack a safety kit
It’s always important to pack a vehicle safety kit to keep you prepared in case of an emergency on the road. Have a flashlight, first aid kit, cell phone charger, pylons, and bottled water.

Encountering an animal on the road can be a scary experience so prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with what to do in case it does happen. Remember that we have Integra Tire locations across Canada that can help you with any tire or mechanical issues that you have while you’re on your summer road trip.

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