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How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Posted On March 24, 2016

In most areas across Canada, the snow is melting away – that is if you got any snow this winter – and we’re all starting to think about carrentaltipsbhp2basking in the sun, slipping into our shorts, and turning on our air-conditioning. If you’re starting to prep yourself for the spring and summer season, then remember that your car needs some special attention to get it ready for spring too. Here are some of our tips to get your car ready for the spring season:

First, pull your all-season tires out of storage and check them over. Ensure that there are no cracks or bulging in the tire and make sure that the tread depth is still sufficient. You can bring your all-season tires into your local Integra Tire and we will check them over for you before we do your tire changeover.

Next, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning – inside and out. Salt from the snowy winter roads can erode your vehicle’s exterior so it is important to wash all the dirt and grim away. Once your car is spotless, check it for dents and scratches. If there are any noticeable blemishes, washing-car bring it to an auto detailer to have it repaired; this will help eliminate rust from your vehicle. Now that the weather is warming up, this is also a good time to give the inside of your vehicle a good cleaning – wash your car mats, vacuum your seats, use a leather protectant (if necessary), clean your interior windows, and wipe down your dashboard.

Finally, you should have your oil checked. The change of seasons is generally a good time to have your oil changed. Your oil should be changed anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 km, depending whether you use synthetic or conventional oil. Ensuring that your oil is always clean will keep your engine running at its best. You can come into your local Integra Tire Auto Centre to have your oil checked and changed.

Now that your tires, car, and oil are in clean working order, you’re ready to hit the road in spring style!

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