How to Perform a Vehicle Walk Around

Performing a walk around your vehicle before driving is important to ensure your safety on the road.
Posted On July 18, 2022
By Integra Tire Canada

Have you ever thought about walking around your car before you drive away? Most of us probably haven’t, but it’s an important safety measure to help prevent damage to your vehicle and an injury to someone or something.

Before getting in your vehicle, take a moment to inspect the area around it. Is there something in your driveway that may puncture your tire? Did your kids leave their bikes laying behind your vehicle? Is there a cat sunbathing on your sidewalk? Always ensure that the area behind your vehicle is free of all hazards before you back out. You should also check under your vehicle in case an animal is hiding under it and may try to run out when you pull away. Furthermore, take note if your children or your neighbor’s children are playing near your vehicle. You never know when a child may dart out behind you, so always be cautious.

Before you get in your car, it’s also important to do a visual inspection of your tires. Do they appear to be underinflated? Is there any debris, like a nail or a screw, stuck in them? If they seem underinflated, get out your tire gauge and check your air pressure. If the PSI is reading below the recommended level, fill them up to the correct PSI. If there is a piece of debris stuck in them, contact your local Integra Tire to see if they can be patched.

Once you’ve completed your visual inspection, make sure to inspect your mirrors while you’re in the driver’s seat. Make sure you can clearly see out your back window through your rear-view mirror. Also make sure your side mirrors are set so that you can see your blind spots.

In the winter months, make sure that all the snow is removed from your car. Ensure that the snow is cleared from the roof, from your mirrors, and from your license plate. You should also let the car warm up enough that your windshield has been defrosted and that your car is warm enough that your windshield wipers are free of snow and ice.

Finally, make sure that everyone in your vehicle, including yourself, has a safely fastened seatbelt. If you’re travelling with a baby or child in your vehicle, make sure that you are using a certified car seat and ensure that seat is installed correctly. Make sure to know the laws in your province regarding child seats. For instance, in Alberta, children 2 years old and under must be in a rear-facing car seat and children 2 – 6 years old must be in a forward-facing car seat.

Once your vehicle’s surroundings are safe and everyone in your vehicle is safely secured, make sure to shoulder check and watch your rear-view camera or look out your rear-window until you’ve safely back out into the road.

If you do these steps every time you drive, you’ll help to ensure your safety, your passenger’s safety, and the safety of everyone else around you.

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