The Importance of Vehicle Inspections

Posted On April 9, 2018
By Integra Tire Canada

Spring is here and the change of seasons is a great reminder to get your vehicle back into shape. The winter weather can be harsh on vehicles – corroding your brakes with salt, misaligning your wiper blades from ice, and draining your battery from the cold. With the wear and tear that winter has on your vehicle, spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

Here are some of the things that we can check during your vehicle inspection:

Oil Life

We can check your oil levels and advise whether you should have your oil changed. We can also inspect for any leaks in your oil lines or reservoir.

Tire Wear

We can measure your tread depth to determine the longevity of your tires. We can also inspect for any crakes, bulges, or debris in your tires. We can also make sure that your wheels are balanced and aligned.

Wiper Blades

We can check your wiper blades to ensure that they are in proper working condition. We can also check your windshield to check for cracks or chips.

Fluid Levels

We can check all your fluid levels to ensure that they are at the proper levels, including your brake fluid, anti-freeze, and windshield washer fluid.


We can inspect your brake system including your brake lines and brake pads to determine their remaining life and advise if any repairs or replacements need to be made on them.


We can test your battery to ensure that it has a strong charge and advise if it should be replaced.

Timing Belt

We can inspect your timing belt to ensure that its working properly and we will advise if it needs replacing.

Cabin Filter

We will check your cabin air filter to ensure that it’s clean and doesn’t need replacing.

Compression Test

We can do a compression test that will check your engine’s valves, its valve seats, and piston rings to ensure that they’re all working correctly.

Getting a vehicle inspection will give you piece-of-mind whenever you get on the road because you’ll know that all your vehicle’s components are working correctly and are in great shape. Visit your local Integra Tire today to book your next vehicle inspection.


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