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How to Drive and Still Save the Environment

“Eco-friendly” is a buzz word that almost everyone is using nowadays but being eco-friendly is more than just wearing clothes made of hemp and driving a hybrid. Being eco-friendly can be applied to your everyday life.

We may think that the only way that we can be eco-friendly on the road is to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle but there are a number of way that you can help the environment while still making your daily commute.

Install Eco-Friendly Tires

There are a number of tires that are developed to be more eco-friendly. The Bridgestone Ecopia is engineered for fuel efficiency because it has a low rolling resistance. The Michelin Energy Saver A/S is also designed for fuel efficiency and a lengthened tread life, meaning your tires will stay out of the land fill.

Adjust Your Driving Habits

You can reduce your carbon emissions by adjusting some of your driving habits.

The first thing you can do is to come to a gradual acceleration. The harder you push on the gas pedal, the more fuel you are consuming to get your engine going. If you take 5 seconds to get to 20 km/hr, you will greatly notice that your gas tank will stay fuller longer.

If you also maintain a consistent speed, you will improve your gas mileage. Using your cruise control on the highway can be one way to assist with this as well.

Avoiding high speeds can also help you be more eco-friendly. Roads are designed to be most efficient for your vehicle when you travel the posted speed so following the speed signs will not only help your wallet by avoiding speeding tickets, it will also save you money at the gas pump. Your car is the most fuel efficient when it travels 50 – 80 km/hr so avoiding highway speeds can also save you money while also saving the environment.

Coming to a gradual stop at stop signs and stop lights can also help your fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. The best way to stop is to anticipate the stop and slowly coast until you reach 0 km/hr.

Using Your Old Tires in Unique Ways

To help keep tires out of the landfills, you can recycle them by using them in unique ways such as flower pots, coffee tables, tire swings, and artwork!

Using some of these tips will help save you money while helping you save the environment as well! Remember at Integra Tire we can help to improve your fuel efficiency by inspecting your vehicle to ensure that all its components are working effectively.