Basic Tire Coverage

All purchases receive our basic tire & mechanical coverage plan.

Limited Manufacturer Warranty

See specific tire manufacturer’s limited warranty on tires purchases. *Coverage on defective purchases are adjusted on prorated basis.

30-Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, return your tires within 30 days or before 1,000 km, whichever happens first.

Standard Mechanical Warranty.

Based on 12 months or 20,000 km.

Upgrade to Integraty Promise Protection

This plan will keep your vehicle going strong by complimenting the already excellent basic coverage warranties provided by our manufacturer partners. This additional protection can be purchased when getting a set of new tires.

60 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your tire purchase, we will exchange them for an equivalent product of your choice.

Complimentary Tire Repairs

Repairable punctures for the life of tread (up to 2/32” tread remaining).

Lifetime Tire Balancing

Some restrictions apply*

Complimentary Tire Rotations

Every 10,000KM. Seasonal changeovers not included.

Free Replacement of Non-Repairable Tires

If your tire is non-repairable in the first 12 months or up to 50% wear (whatever comes first), we will replace your tire free of charge.* See terms for more details

10,000 KM Inspection

Inspection of tires for wear, cuts, snags and other abnormalities.

Tire Rotation

Critical to providing even wear on all four tires.

Air Pressure Check and Adjustment

For maximizing fuel mileage and tire wear.

Tire rebalancing, if required

If tire balance vibrations are present.

* Available with the purchase of Integraty Promise Coverage. Inspection scheduled based on dealer’s availability.


Eligibility and Exclusions

Our Integraty Promise applies to personal-use vehicles only; commercial-use vehicles are excluded from coverage. Other exclusions under this plan include: mechanical irregularities, collision, vandalism, fire, loss of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, and consequential damages. This plan can only be administered by an Integra Tire location; no third party reimbursements are valid. In order to obtain coverage, the following must be presented: damaged tire, this document, and original invoice.

Tire Replacement

Available with the purchase of Integraty Promise Coverage. If any of your new tires become un-serviceable due to damage (punctures, cuts or impact breaks) caused by foreign materials on the road surface, it will be replaced under the Integraty Promise Coverage with the same or similar tire of new condition.

FREE Replacement of Non-Repairable Tires

If the tire fails due to a non-repairable road hazard within the specified time period, it will be replaced free of charge with no labour charge. The new tire will automatically be covered by new tire warranty with no extra cost including tire tax. After the prescribed time period, the tire will be pro-rated and replaced based on the percentage of wear and the current in store sale price of the tire. Balance charge, tire tax, TPMS re-learn, and Customer Protection Charge will apply.

Lifetime Tire Balancing

**Large Diameter light truck tires and some UHP tires may not be covered. The servicing store will advise on this matter.

Complimentary Tire Rotations Every 10,000 km

Seasonal rotations are not included.
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