How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car

Posted On May 7, 2018
By Integra Tire Canada

Now that spring is here, we all want to get outside and enjoy the weather and we especially want to enjoy the weather with our pets. The spring and summer seasons mean more trips to the lake, to the relative’s house, and to the park – all places that we want to bring our pets. But do you ever think about the danger that your pet could be in when traveling in your vehicle?
We’ve compiled some pet safety tips to help keep your pet safe whenever they are in the vehicle with you:

  • Make sure that your pet does its business before you enter the vehicle. The last thing you want is to have to get your vehicle detailed because of an “accident.”
  • Invest in a car seat or vehicle harness for our pet. Letting your pet move freely inside of the vehicle is as dangerous as you not wearing a seatbelt so make sure that your pet is buckled in whenever it enters the vehicle. Letting your pet ride in the cab of your truck or letting it stick its head of the window or sun roof can also be dangerous so ensure that your pet is safely secured in the back seat of your vehicle.
  • Ensure that you always have fresh water and food for your pet. A pet’s internal temperature is much higher than a human’s so they can dehydrate much quicker. Pack a portable water and food dish for your pet so they can stay hydrated throughout the entire trip.
  • Set the child safety locks on your doors and windows when you are travelling with your pet to ensure that they don’t hit any buttons and accidentally open or unlock your window or door.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in the car, even if the car is running. Leaving your pet in the vehicle could result in a call to the police and a fine for you.

Your pet is part of your family so we want to ensure that it stays safe whenever it is in the vehicle with you. You can always trust your local Integra Tire to keep you and your pets safe all throughout the seasons.

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