What to know if your ABS warning light comes on

Posted January 30, 2018

Some of you may not be aware that most new vehicles have an ABS (Anti-lock brake system). Anti-lock brakes allow your tires to keep contact with the road and help prevent your wheels from locking up and causing you to skid when you are braking.

The ABS uses sensors that determine if your wheels are locking up and sends a signal to reduce the braking power on that wheel. When your ABS kicks in, you will feel a grinding or vibrating sensation so don’t be alarmed when this happens. Keep constant pressure on the brake until your vehicle comes to a stop. With older cars that don’t have ABS, you’ll want to pump your brakes when you are skidding but with ABS, you should never pump your brakes because the ABS automatically pumps the brakes for you.

If your ABS warning light ever comes on, you want to bring in your vehicle to your local Integra Tire right away so we can detect the problem for you. If your ABS is not functioning properly, it won’t cause your brakes to work ineffectively, it will just mean that you will have to pump your brakes if you begin to skid. If your ABS is not working, this will also affect your traction and stability control systems so it is still important to get the problem repaired.

If your ABS light comes on, it could mean that there is a blown fuse in the system, a sensor is damaged, or a wire is broken or has become disconnected. We will assess your vehicle to determine why your anti-lock brake system light is on. Sometimes your ABS warning light will come on for a simple reason such as your parking brake is engaged. It could also be caused by your brake fluid levels being low. No matter what the problem is, we can fix it for you, so give us a call today!

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