How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Battery

Posted On May 26, 2016
By Integra Tire Canada

We all know the saying “Out of sight and out of mind.” This can apply to many things but it especially applies to anything that is under the hood of your car. Your vehicle’s battery is one of those things. You never think to check your battery because it isn’t right in front of you. The only time you’ll think about it is when it stops working. Your vehicle’s battery will last up to 5 years but we recommend checking its voltage every 2 – 3 months.

You can bring your vehicle into your local Integra Tire to have the battery checked. We can check the voltage to ensure that it is at the optimum level of 12.5 volts. You can also help to prolong the life of your battery by cleaning the battery terminals every second time you check the battery charge; you can do this yourself by rubbing it with a metal bristle brush. Start this process by removing the connector from the battery. Next you should use the metal brush to gently rub each terminal. For an extra cleaning you can mix together baking soda and distilled water to make a paste; dip your brush into the paste and clean the terminals with it. Once you’ve finished cleaning the terminals, you’ll need to put the connectors back on by hitting them with a rubber mallet.

If your battery is dead and needs to be replaced, then you will need to be sure to choose the right battery for your vehicle. Our service technicians can help you make the right choice. They will ensure that the battery is the right size for your vehicle, is the correct Cold Cranking Amps for your vehicle, has adequate Reserve Capacity, and can withstand any extreme temperatures in your area.

It always helps to get a semi-yearly tune-up for your vehicle to help ensure you won’t get stranded. Bring your vehicle into your local Integra Tire and we’ll be happy to help you!



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