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Engine Repair and Diagnostics Service

Integra Tire Auto Centre provides automotive repair service of the highest quality. Our technicians can diagnose your engine issues and have you back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why is your engine important?

Just like your body converts food to fuel your body, your vehicle’s engine converts gasoline into motion. Most vehicles run on internal combustion engines which repeat a four-stroke process. Effectively, your engine uses very small, controlled explosions, to drive pistons, in turn making your vehicle move. This process relies on an important mixture of fuel, air, and sparks; without the correct mixture, your engine can prematurely wear, lose fuel-efficiency, and cause future costly problems.

Regular Fluid Checks and Replacements

It is of the utmost importance to check your fluid levels frequently, including your engine oil and coolants. These fluids are vital to the performance of your engine, and without the correct levels, your engine can overheat and fail. Regular oil changes are also vital to your engine’s performance and should be performed every 5,000 KM or as per your vehicle manufacturer, as oil can become impure and lose its effectiveness.

Your engine is like a precise Swiss watch that operates in the most extreme environments.  Your vehicle’s engine should last the life of your vehicle, when properly maintained with regular oil changes and maintenance services.  At times, internal components wear or break prematurely.  Catching these problems early can be the difference between being able to repair an engine or having to replace an engine.  Some warning signs can include: loud noises on start-up, rattles or knocking noises when running and fluid leaks.  These problems should be inspected and diagnosed as soon as they are first detected.  If a new noise is detected, it is not recommended to operate your vehicle until you know what the issue is.  Your Integra Tire Technician will be able to assist you!

Visit us at the first sign of trouble

As with all vehicle issues, it is critical to visit us as soon as possible. Many issues are easily fixed at first; however, delaying to visit can further damage your vehicle and threaten your safety.