Engine Repair and Diagnostics Service

Integra Tire Auto Centre provides automotive repair service of the highest quality. Our technicians can diagnose your engine issues and have you back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why is your engine important?

Just like your body converts food to fuel your body, your vehicle’s engine converts gasoline into motion. Most vehicles run on internal combustion engines which repeat a four-stroke process. Effectively, your engine uses very small, controlled explosions, to drive pistons, in turn making your vehicle move. This process relies on an important mixture of fuel, air, and sparks; without the correct mixture,  your engine can prematurely wear, lose fuel-efficiency, and cause future costly problems.

Regular Fluid Checks and Replacements

It is of the utmost importance to check your fluid levels frequently, including your engine oil and coolants. These fluids are vital to the performance of your engine, and without the correct levels, your engine can overheat and fail. Regular oil changes are also vital to your engine’s performance and should be performed every 5,000 KM, as oil can become impure and lose it’s effectiveness.

Check Engine Light

Nearly all modern vehicles come with an onboard diagnostics system (OBDS) that monitors performance, regular variables, and monitor engine performance. When the system detects a problem that it cannot correct, it will illuminate your check-engine light. This light may be illuminated as  “check”, “check engine”, “service engine”, or another similar phrase or icon. Your OBDS will also store a “code” that can be read by an electronic scan tool or diagnostic computer. By reading this code, we can tell you what is causing the light, as well as fix any underlying issues that may be causing it. Note that codes often help you gain a general idea of what is causing the issue, and may still require an experienced technician to investigate further.

Check engine lights are often caused by trivial issues – sometimes by unsecured gas caps. Whatever the issue – we can tell you!

Visit us at the first sign of trouble

As with all vehicle issues, it is critical to visit us as soon as possible. Many issues are easily fixed at first. However, delaying to visit can further damage your vehicle and threaten your safety.