What Do I Need to Know When Buying New Tires?

Posted August 30, 2016

Tires are something that many of us take for granted. They help our vehicles get where they need to go but, generally, we ignore them. Tires are something that we should me more aware of because if they aren’t cared for correctly, they can be one of the biggest safety hazards on our vehicles.

First of all, it is important to inspect your tires at least once a month to ensure that they are in proper condition. Check to ensure that there isn’t any debris lodged in the tire and check the tire pressure to ensure that there aren’t any slow leaks. You should also check the tread depth of your tire. You can check the depth by placing a quarter in the tread with the caribou facing down. If you can see the tip of the caribou’s nose, then your tire tread is too low and your tire needs replacing.

If your tires need replacing, here are some things to consider:

What Type of Tires Do You Need?

Do you need all-season tires, winter tires, all-weather tires, or performance tires?

All-season tires are made for dry or wet conditions but do not perform well on ice or snow. We recommend using all-season tires whenever the temperature is above 7°C.

Winter tires are designed for driving on ice and snow. They should be used whenever the weather is below 7°C.

All-weather tires are designed for mild temperatures. They will provide grip in temperatures below 7°C and will stay sturdy in temperatures above 7°C.

Performance tires are made for drivers who want to drive their car on a race track. These tires are made for fast driving, quick stopping, and sharp corners.

If you’re unsure of what tire is best for you, ask one of our Integra Tire specialists to help you out!

What Size of Tire Do You Need?

If you currently have tires on your car, you can check the side of the tire to find out what size of tire you require. The size will appear similar to this: P215/60R16 94V. You can write this number down and show it to your Integra Tire dealer.

You can also give the make and model of your vehicle to your Integra Tire dealer and they will advise you what size of tire you need.

Or you can use our online Tire Shopping Tool!

Remember that at Integra Tire you will always find the best knowledgeable staff who can help you with all your tire needs!

Questions? Our Advisors are Happy to Help!

If you have questions about anything you've read in this resource page, contact your nearest dealer for more information. We are passionate in assisting our customers make the best choices to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and keep their families safe.
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