New Year = New Year’s Resolutions for Car Maintenance

Posted January 2, 2018

It’s the mark of a new year – 2018. The holidays are over and your mind is set to get started on your new year’s resolutions. You’re probably thinking about starting to go to the gym and eating a healthier diet but have you thought about your vehicle? Regular vehicle maintenance can help to deter future problems with your vehicle so adding regular vehicle maintenance to your new year’s resolution could save you a lot of money, time, and hassle down the road.

We’ve compiled some items that need regular maintenance to help you with your new year’s resolution goals:

Oil Changes

Oil changes should be completed once every 5,000-10,000km. Most new vehicles will have a monitor that will notify you when it’s time for your oil change but it’s also a good idea to check your oil level and its clarity. To check our oil pull out the dipstick in your oil reservoir and clean off the end with a rag. Next stick it back in the reservoir and pull it out to see where the oil level is measuring – the dipstick will have markers indicating if it’s low. If it is low, then you can add more oil to it – your owner’s manual will indicate the recommended type of oil to use in your vehicle. You should also bring your vehicle into your local Integra Tire and we can check to ensure that there are no leaks in your reservoir or oil pan. Also look at the colour of the oil. If it’s a thick black sludge, then it means your oil needs changing as soon as possible. If it looks clear and clean, then your oil should be usable until your next recommended oil change.


Check your tire pressure to ensure that it’s at the recommended level – this will be indicated in your owner’s manual or on your side door sticker. Also check your tires for debris, bulges, or cracks. You can check your tire pressure every month or before any long road trip. You should also check your stored all-season tires to ensure they are free of debris, cracks, or bulges. If you notice anything abnormal about your tires, visit your local Integra Tire and we can help.


Every month you want to ensure that all of your lights on your vehicle are working. You should check your headlights, parking lights, signal lights, brake lights, interior lights, hazard lights, fog lights, running lights, and your tail lights.

Windshield Washer Fluid Level

Most vehicles are equipped with a warning light that will go on when your windshield washer fluid levels are low. It’s always a good idea to check it regularly – especially in the springtime – to ensure it’s not starting to run low. If it is running low, you can easily add more to the reservoir. If your reservoir is frequently running low, bring your vehicle into your local Integra Tire and we can check to make sure that it isn’t leaking.

There are numerous things that could go wrong with your vehicle but if you take good care of it throughout 2018, it should last you a long time. Remember that Integra Tire is always here to help whenever you need help with your vehicle maintenance.

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