Protect Your Car This Pothole Season

Posted March 10, 2016

We’ve experienced a strange winter right across Canada. One minute there’s two feet of heavy wet snow covering the ground and the next minute it is 15°C and the snow has melted into huge puddles. Sure that’s made the winter much more bearable but it hasn’t been easy on our roads. The quick temperature fluctuations cause the water to expand and shrink in the pavement leading to the worst spring phenomenon we experience in Canada – potholes! Protect Your Vehicle Against Potholes

We all shriek on the inside when we see that deep hole in the pavement looming in on us. Should I swerve around it? Nope, there’s someone in the lane beside me. Should I slow down to a crawl and go through it? Oh, I might get rear-ended. Oops, too late. I’m in the pothole.

We know that our cities do their best to patch the potholes as quickly as they can but sometimes there are just too many to fix all at once so here are some ways that you can protect yourself against potholes this spring season:

  • Check to ensure that your tires are at optimal tire pressure. You can find your vehicle’s optimal tire pressure by checking the sticker on the inside of your door.
  • Watch the road as far in front of you as you can, so you can prepare yourself to slow down in case a pothole creeps up on you.
  • Try not to swerve out of the way; this could cause you to hit the person in the lane beside you or cause your tire to hit the pothole at an awkward angle and cause your wheels to get misaligned.
  • Avoid driving in water-covered lanes because there could be a pothole hiding under that puddle.

If you do end up hitting a pothole and needing a wheel alignment, come into your local Integra Tire and we’ll fix it for you in no time.

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