Rotating Your Tires – What You Need to Know

Posted On July 30, 2019
By Integra Tire Canada


Fall is that in-between time that you may ignore your vehicle maintenance but it’s the perfect time to think about your routine vehicle maintenance. It’s not winter tire changeover time yet but before you get that done, you may need to get your tires rotated. Never thought to get your tires rotated? Here’s everything that you need to know:

  1. Getting a tire rotation means to reposition your tires, either from front to back or side to side.
  2. Not getting tire rotations on your recommended maintenance schedule, could void your tire warranty.
  3. Most vehicles should have their tires rotated once every 8,000 – 10,000km. An easy way to remember this is to get it done whenever you get an oil change. Check your owner’s manual to confirm the recommended kilometers to have the tires rotated on your vehicle.
  4. Getting a tire rotation can also give the tire technicians a chance to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, free of damage, and that your wheels are balanced.
  5. Tire rotations will also decrease the wear on your tires, ensuring that each tire has even wear. For example, front tires on a front-wheel-drive vehicle will wear faster than the back because more friction is put on the front tires; therefore, a tire rotation will help balance out the wear on the front and back tires.
  6. Tire rotations will help even out your treadwear, which will help with traction, handling, braking, and cornering.
  7. Vehicles each have a different tire rotation pattern that should be followed; this varies based on if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, front-wheel-drive, or rear-wheel drive. This can also vary based on your tires, such as directional and non-directional tires. Your Integra Tire service technician and tire technician will know the correct pattern for your vehicle.

Now that you’ve got all the information that you need to know about tire rotations, make sure to follow your recommended tire rotation schedule and you’ll keep your vehicle and tires in tip-top condition.

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