How to Use Your Senses to Detect a Problem with Your Vehicle

Posted On July 3, 2019
By Integra Tire Canada

Did you know that some problems with your vehicle may be easy to detect yourself? If you use your senses, you can detect some issues before they become a bigger problem.

Sight – Check for puddles under your vehicle because this could mean that you have a leak.

  • A bright orange, green or blue stain could indicate an issue with your engine or antifreeze leaking.
  • A black or brown stain could mean that you have an oil leak.
  • A red oily puddle could occur because of a transmission or power-steering fluid leak.

If you notice any of these problems, bring your vehicle into your local Integra Tire for an inspection of the issue.

Smell – Many issues can be detected by an unusual smell.

  • If you smell burning toast, this could be an electrical shortage.
  • A rotten egg smell could be a problem with your catalytic converter.
  • If your engine won’t start and you smell gasoline, this could mean that your engine has flooded or that you have a leak in your fuel line.
  • A chemical odour could mean that your brakes or clutch have overheated.
  • A sweet smell could be from a coolant leak. If this odour occurs with a metallic smell, then this could mean that your engine has overheated.

If you smell any unusual smells, it is best not to drive your vehicle and to contact your local Integra Tire immediately.

Sound – If your vehicle starts making unusual sounds, then this is a good indication that something is wrong.

  • If your vehicle is squealing, this could mean that you have a worn or loose belt.
  • If you hear a clicking noise, you might have a loose wheel cover, loose fan blade, a stuck valve lifter, or low oil.
  • A screeching noise, especially when you brake, may indicate that you have an issue with your brake.
  • Rumbling could mean an issue with your muffler, converter, or exhaust pipe.
  • A pinging noise might mean that you’ve used the wrong type of gas.
  • If you hear heavy knocking, then you could have a worn crankshaft, worn connecting rod bearings, or a loose transmission torque converter.
  • Clunking noises could be from a problem with your suspension or shock absorber.

If you hear any of these noises, then don’t delay and call your local Integra Tire.

Touch – The feel of your vehicle can often indicate problems.

  • If your vehicle pulls to one side, this could be a sign of misaligned wheels or underinflated or overinflated tires.
  • If you’re having trouble turning around corners, you may have an issue with your shock absorbers.
  • If you feel your vehicle vibrating, then your tires may be improperly balanced.
  • When braking, if your vehicle pulls to one side or if your brake pedal sinks to the floor, then you should immediately have them inspected.
  • If your vehicle rocks when idling, then you could have an engine problem.
  • If your vehicle lurches or is delayed between shifting gears, you should have your transmission checked.

If you have any of these issues, contact your local Integra Tire for a diagnosis.

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