Summer Driving Safety Tips

Posted On June 1, 2016
By Integra Tire Canada

We never think of summer as having bad weather. It’s always hot and sunny so why would you worry about the road conditions? But summer isn’t all fun in the sun. Wet roads can be just as dangerous as icy roads and foggy conditions can be just as bad as snowy conditions. Here are some tips on how to drive in bad summer weather:
Driving in Heavy RainFirst, make sure that your windshield wipers are in proper working condition. You want to ensure that they move when you need them to and that they won’t leave wet streaks across your line of sight. Before you leave the house, make sure that all your lights are working properly: your headlights, taillights, brake lights, signal lights, and fog lights. It’s also important to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. You can check the air pressure with a tire pressure gauge and the sticker on your side door will indicate their optimal pressure level. You can bring your car into any of your local Integra Tire locations and we can help you out as well.
In wet conditions, it’s best to avoid using your cruise control to ensure that you don’t begin to hydroplane. In addition, you should slow down and leave extra space between you and the driver in front of you and avoid hard braking or sudden sharp turns. Finally, don’t forget to turn on your lights; on some vehicles daytime running lights do not light up your taillights and this could increase the possibility of someone rear-ending you.

In foggy conditions, you should use similar driving techniques as wet conditions: slow down and give yourself a longer stopping distance. You should also remember to turn on your low beam headlights and not your high beams; high beams can reflect the light off the fog actually reducing your visibility. In addition, you should turn on your fog lights. If you didn’t know that your vehicle had fog lights, check your owner’s manual to see how to turn them on.
Finally, always ensure that you are fully aware of your surroundings: only drive when you’re well-rested, never text and drive, only use a hands-free phone when driving, never drive impaired, and always keep your eyes on the road.
If you follow these summer driving safety tips, you’ll be able to enjoy all your summer road trips!

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