Synthetic Vs. Non-Synthetic Motor Oil: How Are They Different?

There are a few differences between synthetic and non-synthetic oil.
Posted September 27, 2022

You likely know about the importance of getting your oil changed once every 5,000-10,000 km at your local Signature Tire location because the oil in your vehicle helps to lubricate the moving parts in your engine. Ensuring that your oil is clean and clear is important to make sure that all the parts of your engine continue to move properly, but have you thought about the type of oil that is used during your oil change?

There are two main types of engine oil: synthetic motor oil and non-synthetic motor oil. We will explain some of their differences so you can determine which one is best for your driving needs:

Synthetic Vs. Non-Synthetic Oil

  • Non-synthetic motor oil is often less expensive than synthetic motor oil, but non-synthetic oil will break down faster than synthetic oil. Synthetic motor oil will stay cleaner and clearer for longer than non-synthetic oil and will increase the amount of time that you can go between oil changes, hence, saving you money over time.
  • In cold temperatures non-synthetic oil will sink to the bottom of your oil reservoir. Synthetic oil is often recommended for Canadian winters because it is designed to flow faster through your vehicle in cold temperatures.
  • In hot temperatures non-synthetic oil will break down quickly or even start to evaporate, causing potential damage to your engine if the components are not being properly lubricated. Synthetic motor oil is more resistant to high temperatures and will continue to lubricate your engine through the hot summer months.

What Else Should I know About Motor Oil?

There is a number on each type of oil that will indicate the viscosity of the oil at cold operating temperatures and the regular operating temperature of your vehicle. Vehicles with a turbo engine will often run at a higher operating temperature than a standard engine, meaning they will usually require a synthetic motor oil.

To find out which oil is best for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends.

What Will Happen During My Oil Change?

During an oil change, we’ll replace the used engine oil with new oil. We will determine which oil is optimal for your car, and we’ll oil your car’s engine components in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We will also replace your oil filter.

What To Know About Oil Filters

Together, the oil and oil filter keep the engine in your car operating at its peak efficiency.

The oil filter cleans the oil used to lubricate the moving elements of your engine and rid them of particles like dirt and carbon deposits. By catching the debris before it can pass through the oil filter and into the engine, the oil filter stops foreign particles and pollutants from entering the engine.

Every time the oil is changed, the oil filter should be replaced, since it accumulates billions of contaminant particles and carbon dust over time, which causes it to get increasingly more clogged.

You can visit your local Signature Tire location and our service advisors and automotive technicians will ensure that the correct oil is used in your vehicle on your next oil change. Book an appointment for your next oil change here.

Questions? Our Advisors are Happy to Help!

If you have questions about anything you've read in this resource page, contact your nearest dealer for more information. We are passionate in assisting our customers make the best choices to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and keep their families safe.
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