The Benefits of Winter Wheels

Purchasing winter wheels can save you money in the long run.
Posted On November 24, 2022
By Integra Tire Canada

Some people may not realize that their tires and wheels are two separate entities. You might look at your tires and wheels and think that you’re seeing one whole unit, but it’s not! Your tires are the rubber that is installed onto your wheels.

Each time you get a winter tire changeover, your all-season tires are removed from the wheels and the winter tires are mounted onto them. This is a labour-intensive process, but did you know that there is an alternative?

You can purchase a set of winter wheels to mount your winter tires onto, and this allows your all-season tires to stay mounted onto your original wheels. When you choose this method, getting your tires changed over is called a tire swap and it is a quicker and cheaper method compared to a tire changeover.

Even though you must make an initial investment on new winter wheels, there are many benefits to having a set of winter wheels and tires and a set of all-season wheels and tires.

Benefits of Winter Steel Wheels

  1. Steel wheels are more affordable than alloy – there are two types of wheels you can purchase, steel and alloy. We recommend using steel wheels for winter driving.
  2. Saves you money on each tire swap – having your winter tires and all-season tires each mounted on a set of wheels means you can get a tire swap instead of a tire changeover. A tire swap is a less labour-intensive process than a tire changeover; therefore, it costs less because it takes less time.
  3. Keeps your OEM or alloy wheels in great condition – salt and sand from the winter roads can corrode your wheels. Installing steel winter wheels will keep the salt and sand off your OEM or alloy wheels and keep them looking great.
  4. Keeps your tire pressure more stable – winter steel wheels contract and expand less than alloy wheels so they will help keep your tires at a consistent pressure in the cold winter months.
  5. Adds weight to your vehicle for extra grip – steel wheels are heavier than alloy wheels, so they can add weight to your vehicle, giving you extra grip on snow and ice.
  6. Can be easily repaired – even though winter steel wheels can rust, they are easy to repair and repaint. If a steel wheel is dented from a pothole, it is much easier to fix than an alloy wheel.

When you take into consideration that most tires last about 5 years, and you’ll be getting two tire changeovers per year, the amount that you will save on 10 tire swaps as opposed to 10 tire changeovers for the life of your tires is significant. Also consider how happy you will be to know that your alloy wheels will stay in pristine condition!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a set of winter wheels for your winter tires, visit your local Integra Tire, and one of our tire and wheel experts will be happy to go over the best options for your vehicle and driving needs.

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