The Importance of Oil Changes

Posted On February 23, 2021
By Integra Tire Canada

Properly maintaining your vehicle is important for its safety, longevity, and optimal performance. One of the more important maintenance activities for your vehicle is regular oil and filter changes. In fact, many engine problems seen in the shop are the result of a poor oil change schedule. But why?

In order to better understand why frequent oil and filter changes are important, you must understand what the purpose of oil in your vehicle:

  • First and foremost, oil is a lubricant for important engine components. The components of your engine are constantly moving extremely fast. If they are not lubricated, then they begin to wear down and become less efficient. Over time, oil loses its lubricating properties and must be changed to gain maximum benefits.
  • Secondly, oil serves as a cleaner. As oil is pumped through your system, it collects tiny debris. In fact, many modern oils come with chemicals to help clean internal parts. Over time, the debris and sludge can become too much and the oil will lose its lubricating and cleaning properties.
  • And last but not least, oil serves as a coolant. As oil passes by moving parts in the engine, it pulls excess heat away from the parts (heat can cause wear). Later, it typically passes through a type of radiator called an oil-cooler and continues passing through the cycle. And to put it simply – old, sludgy, and dirty oil does not pass through the system as well as newer oil.

Don’t forget your filter! Along the cycle oil passes through the filter where debris is collected in the catch. If this is not frequently changed, then the filter will become clogged and the whole system will suffer dearly.

Find out more about oil changes here.

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