Tips For Safe Driving This Halloween

By following these driving safety tips on Halloween, you can help make Halloween a safer experience.
Posted October 24, 2021

Halloween is a highly anticipated tradition for people of all ages. It is a night to let loose and have fun; however, it is also important to do your part in helping to protect trick-or-treaters that are sharing the streets and enjoying the night’s festivities. It is reported that on average, twice as many children are involved in avoidable motor vehicle/young pedestrian accidents while trick-or-treating on Halloween compared to any other night of the year. By following these driving safety tips on Halloween, you can help make Halloween a safer experience for everyone.

Slow Down

Remember to drive slowly and reduce your speed to within or below the speed limit in and around residential neighborhoods, regardless of trick-or-treaters  being present. There is a chance that in the excitement of going from house to house for a treat, youngsters might forget to look both ways every time they go to cross. Be especially careful as early as two hours before sunset, as this can often be a blinding experience for drivers and just after dark when most severe vehicle/pedestrian collisions can happen. As well, if pedestrians aren’t in reflective clothing, they can be harder to see.

Stay Vigilant

Pay close attention to the roads around crosswalks and intersections. The streets are likely to be busier than usual on Halloween night and there are bound to be many distractions. Keep your focus on driving at a reduced speed while staying hyper-aware of your surroundings. Pro tip: Keep your phone out of reach until you reach your destination.

Turn Down the Volume

You may be tempted to turn up the volume when your favorite ballad comes on the radio, but you will want to make sure to keep your radio volume at a minimum and your windows rolled down, so that you can hear noises from outside your car. This can help you assess your surroundings much easier to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Turn On Your Headlights

Keep your headlights turned on well before the sun goes down to ensure your vehicle is as visible as possible to pedestrians. Staying visible is important to maintain safety on the roads and to alert trick-or-treaters of oncoming traffic so that they can cross safely.

Don’t Pass Stopped Vehicles

Exercise caution when deciding to pass a stopped vehicle. Instead slow down to assess the situation. The other driver may be dropping off or picking up passengers or stopping for something else you cannot see. And if you are dropping off or picking up your own little goblins, be sure to use your four-way lights. Instruct children to get in and out of your car on the side of the vehicle that is closest to the sidewalk.

Communicate With Other Drivers

Like every other time you are on the road, it is important to communicate your intentions to other drivers to avoid potentially dangerous situations. With so many distractions on the roads and sidewalks, it can be easy to lose focus. Always use your turn signals and hazards to communicate with other drivers.

Halloween can be a fun and festive holiday to celebrate for parents and children, but as you prepare for fun times, dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating this year, remember to prioritize safety at the top of your list and take extra precautions if you plan to drive on Halloween.

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