Tips for Winter Driving

Posted On October 30, 2018
By Integra Tire Canada

You may not be ready for the snow but it’s either already in your region or it’s on its way. We want to make sure that you’re getting to all your destinations safely, so we’ve compiled some tips for safe winter driving:

Install Your Winter Tires

Winter tires should be installed when the temperature begins to reach below 7°C. The rubber that winter tires are made with stays pliable in the cold temperatures, giving you better grip on the road.

Increase Your Stopping Distance

Ice will build up in spots where people are continually stopping so intersections are the most likely culprits for ice. Begin your stop about twice as far from the intersection as you would when the roads are dry; this will help to ensure that you come to a safe stop.

Increase Your Following Distance

When the roads are dry you should follow the 3-second rule for following distances. In the winter you should increase your following distance to 6 seconds. You can follow this rule by watching as the car in front of you passes a stationary object. Once the car passes that object, start counting and see what number you get to when you pass the object; you should get to at least 6 and this will ensure that you’re keeping a safe following distance.

Clear Your Car of All Snow

Even though it might seem like a pain, it’s important to remove all the snow from your entire vehicle because this will ensure that no snow will blow at the drivers behind you and block their line of sight.

Keep Your Gas Tank Half Full

Keep your gas tank at least half full in the winter months to ensure that no condensation will build up in your gas lines and freeze.

Check the Road Reports

It’s important to check the road reports each morning, especially if you are driving on the highways. Avoiding roads in bad weather conditions could save your life and the lives of others.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Make sure to have a winter emergency kit in your car. This kit should contain a set of warm clothes (mittens, scarf, and toque), shovel, tire jack, spare tire, windshield washer fluid, snow brush, ice scraper, booster cables, and a cell phone charger.

If you follow these steps, you should get to your destination safely. If you need any help with your vehicle this winter, come into your local Integra Tire and we will give you a hand.



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