Tire Myths: Part 1

Posted On May 12, 2016
By Integra Tire Canada

At Integra Tire it is our first priority to keep you safe on the roads. We know that you know a lot about your vehicle but sometimes you need a helping hand with your tires. We’d like to bust some common tire myths that may be tricking you and decreasing your safety on the roads.

Tire Myth # 1: I have TPMS so I don’t need to check my tire pressure

TPMS is a tire pressure monitoring system that most new vehicles have. Although it is installed in your vehicle to warn you when your tire pressure is getting low, it will only warn you once your tire pressure has rapidly decreased by 25% below the car manufacturers’ recommended pressure. In general, this means that TPMS will come on only when your tire is almost flat. We recommend that you check your tire pressure monthly and before you go on any long trips. Remember to keep in mind that your tire pressure can fluctuate with changes in temperature so try to check your tires when it is cool outside and before you drive your car. If you’re unsure what the optimal tire pressure is for your vehicle, check the sticker on your side door.

Tire Myth # 2: I have all-season tires so I don’t need winter tires

“All-season” does not mean that your tires are made for winter conditions. Only tires with the snowflake emblem are certified to be winter driven. Certified winter tires are made with a rubber compound that stays pliable in cold conditions, which gives you better traction. In general, “all-season tires” are really only made for spring, summer, and fall driving conditions.

Tire Myth # 3: To save money, I can just leave my winter tires on in the summer

As you now know, winter tires are made with pliable rubber made for winter conditions so if you drive your winter tires in weather above 7°C, they will wear much faster than if you had all-season tires. We recommend having your all-season tires on when the temperature is about 7°C and having winter tires on when the temperature is consistently below 7°C.

Tire Myth # 4: It doesn’t matter what size my tires are; they’re all the same

Tires come in hundreds of different sizes. They are measured with different diameters and widths. Some also have lower profiles than others. Your vehicle is made to have a certain tire size so it is important to check with your local Integra Tire to get the right size of tire for you. It is also important that all four of your tires are the same size. Some vehicles are made with two different sizes but it is important to check with us to make sure the tires you are getting for your vehicle are correct.

There are many more tire myths to cover so watch for them in up-coming blog posts. And remember, if you ever have any questions about your tires, then ask your local Integra Tire professionals.


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