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  • ContiProContact's PROactive Edge Technology pushes the limits of innovation. The patterned edge design yields increased grip and a quiet ride. The ContiProContact gives you the confidence to drive your high-performance vehicle to the level you want.

    Each ContiProContact tire has at least 800 pattern edges in its tread. The more edges a tire has, the more grip it has. PROactive Edge Technology is more than just the quantity of edges in the tread; it is also the shape of the pattern edges. Edges are most effective when they are perpendicular to the direction of travel. The engineers at Continental designed the edges in an arched pattern so that there are more active edges in the contact patch. And no matter what the direction of travel is, there are always edges with the right orientation.

    Since your tire contact patch is comparable to the size of a postcard, it is critical to maximize the contact patch interaction with the road. And with maximum edge contact in every direction of travel, tire traction will be optimized in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. Knowing that your tires have been designed for superior traction is especially comforting when you need to make those unexpected sharp turns.

    By adding a curved design to the edges, the pattern elements transfer effortlessly from edge to edge. Tires with straight edges have a more harsh transition, which creates tire noise.

    The ContiProContact's low noise level is one of the reasons why the ContiProContact is original equipment on many high-end automobiles, such as BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar.

    Owner's of luxury high-performance vehicles place high demand on performance , control, and safety in wet conditions. The PROgressive Groove Ramp of the ContiProContact incorporates features to meet the driver's demands. This new groove geometry has a wider and progressively rounded groove base that is present in every groove, which provides added lateral support and promotes efficient water evacuation. Drivers can be confident when cornering knowing that the PROgressive Groove Ramp is in action.

    When cornering, the load increases in the shoulder. The unique ramp shape promotes less block deformation and the blocks are able to retain stability while cornering. To the driver, the PROgressive Groove Ramp also means enhanced handling and steering response. As a tire turns or brakes, forces are applied to each tread element. These forces cause the elements to shift. Too much movement causes a drop in the performance of the tire, particularly in handling and cornering. The PROgressive Groove Ramp of the ContiProContact reduces detrimental shifting of the tread elements.

    The chances of hydroplaning can be reduced by absorbing and expelling water from the tire. The PROgressive Groove Ramp provides an escape route for water away from the tread. By forcing the water away from the tread more effectively, hydroplaning resistance is maximized.The Controlled Sipe Interaction of the ContiProContact creates an interlocking of the tread blocks' elements via the curved sipe design. This interlocking controls the increased chance of deformation of the blocks. As the tire goes through a turn or any other lateral force is applied, the blocks interlock and create a feeling of stability and precision.

    Controlled Sipe Interaction also means even wear of the tread. Because of the interlocking structure of the blocks, the individual tread blocks will not shift or deform as much as tires without Controlled Sipe Interaction technology. The tread will wear more evenly and last longer.

    The benefit to the consumer is responsiveness without sacrificing wear.

    Integra Tire is your source for the Continental CONTIPROCONTACT. At Integra Tire, we believe in getting you into the right product for your vehicle, needs, and budget. If you have questions about the Continental CONTIPROCONTACT, feel free to use the contact form for more info.

The tire experts at Integra Tire meticulously review your vehicle's specifications to ensure a perfect fit. If your order doesn't align, we'll replace it at no extra cost, even if you've made a deposit. Your safety is our priority, and we're committed to never sending you off with the wrong-sized tires. Shop with confidence knowing we'll get it right, because at Integra Tire we're dedicated to delivering the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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