Season: Winter
Category: Ice & Snow LT
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    • Ice & Snow, Winter
    • A deeper tread depth and advanced tread design allow for a longer tire life.
    • A wider tread footprint ensures better driving stability and allows for more of the tire to grip the road surface whatever the conditions.
    • Wider deep grooves for increased snow traction.
    • Self-cleaning pocket for effective snow drainage.
    • Increased sipe density improves water evacuation and ice traction.
    • Longitudinally placed waved-sipe for improved cornering performance on ice.
    • Heavy-duty construction with a stiff rigid casing designed for the unique load carrying, handling and braking requirements of LT, VAN, and SUV applications.

    Integra Tire is your source for the Toyo OPEN COUNTRY WLT1. At Integra Tire, we believe in getting you into the right product for your vehicle, needs, and budget. If you have questions about the Toyo OPEN COUNTRY WLT1, feel free to use the contact form for more info.

The tire experts at Integra Tire meticulously review your vehicle's specifications to ensure a perfect fit. If your order doesn't align, we'll replace it at no extra cost, even if you've made a deposit. Your safety is our priority, and we're committed to never sending you off with the wrong-sized tires. Shop with confidence knowing we'll get it right, because at Integra Tire we're dedicated to delivering the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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