What is a Vehicle Diagnostic Test?

Find out why you may need a vehicle diagnostic test.
Posted December 19, 2022

You probably didn’t realize this, but your car is like a moving computer. Your vehicle’s computerized components make life easier for you because they work to notify you if there is something wrong with your vehicle. This computerization also allows your Integra Tire mechanic to thoroughly check your vehicle by using self-running diagnostic tests to ensure that all your vehicle’s components are in good working order. These tests can look for errors or malfunctions in a car’s components and integrated systems before they become dangerous; therefore, a vehicle diagnostic test is so important because it digitally examines your vehicle’s computer systems and components to make sure that your vehicle will continue to run safely.

When your car’s engine is turned on, specialized software monitors various features and generates data reports, which can then be collected and analyzed during a car diagnostic test.

If you have a warning light on your vehicle, especially if it is a check engine light, you can visit your local Integra Tire to have a vehicle diagnostic test completed.

What Can Be Checked During a Vehicle Diagnostic Test?

Car diagnostic tests examine a variety of aspects of your vehicle. They can scan your vehicle’s mechanisms and systems for problems with components such as the engine, transmission, oil tank, throttle, and many others.

They specifically look for the following things:

  • Engine or individual component failures in your vehicle
  • Transmission and responsiveness issues with your vehicle
  • Brake responsiveness issues
  • Contamination or flaws in your vehicle’s exhaust system
  • Wear and tear or component failure with major components of your vehicle such as the fuel injector, ignition coils, and throttle

The results that a mechanic receives from a vehicle diagnostic test can narrow down the location of an issue or potential error so that they can identify and correct your vehicle’s problem quickly.

What Happens During a Vehicle Diagnostic Test?

They are typically performed with a basic scanner and diagnostic software and take only a few minutes to complete. The scanner examines the warning light code to begin the test. Your Integra Tire mechanic, who is performing the test, will typically plug in a diagnostic scanner so that a code will come up showing the source of the problem. The mechanic will use this code to translate it into actionable information. Following that, the mechanic will conduct investigations to determine where and what the problem may be. They can narrow their search area by using the error codes mentioned above. For example, if the warning light code indicates that there is a problem with the exhaust, the exhaust will be the first thing a mechanic will look at. A mechanic may decide to perform repairs after identifying any problems, such as replacing damaged parts or cleaning dirty areas. The vehicle diagnostic test may be repeated after the repairs are completed to ensure that the initial error was corrected.

When Should You Get a Vehicle Diagnostic Test?

You should get a vehicle diagnostic test when you have a warning light lit on your vehicle’s dashboard. Vehicle diagnostic tests aren’t part of your regular preventative maintenance so it’s not something that needs to be completed at any certain interval.

If there is a warning light on your dashboard, our Integra Tire mechanics can help you out and find the issue for you. Our service advisors and mechanics are always happy to help you get back on the road quickly.




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